Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Paths

Do you understand how true this is?

The random person that crosses  your path, that makes a mark, that helps you understand:

How beautiful you are.
How amazing you are.
How fortunate you are for the things you have, and that they may have lost.
The person who helps you understand that your life isn't nearly as horrible as you make yourself belief.
The person who shows you, teaches you, heals you...helps you understand that love is real and won't always be painful.
The person who helps you realize that all things come in time...not necessarily YOUR time.
The person who gives you grace for your faults.
The person who knows where you've been and gives you hope and comfort by saying "me too."
The person who sees you for you, even if you won't show you.
Even the person who teaches you a life the worst way possible.

They all cross our paths for a reason.

I list all of these things because they are all things that I have or do struggle with, and I have crossed paths some amazing people in the last (almost) four years that have taught me lessons that are so very valuable.  And I am thankful for every single one...even the painful ones.

Do you take time to reflect on your relationships?  Do you take stock in what you've learned from your people?

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...

There is no doubt in my mind you and I crossed paths for one reason or anther and you better not leave my path any time soon!

Jenn said...

Wait, what?? You're only thankful for the people you met in the last four year? PFFFTT! :)

Only kidding friend. And, I actually do know how very true this is and every once in awhile it hits me in an overwhelming way how people are brought into your life for a reason. I love it :)