Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Motivation

Hi Friends.

I miss you.

I'm working on coming back to you, I promise.

But for now, please listen to this, and watch this, and let it sink into your soul.

This life is about YOU.  Your dreams are your responsibility.  And they take work, a LOT of work.

But do you know what?  Once those dreams become reality, it's all worth it.

So very worth it!

Have an awesome day!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Have These People

Love you, Marion!  And please excuse my fat face.  Marionberry Style

Jenn at A Home In The Making

Terran at My Life With Lemons

Lindsay at All My Eggs in One Basket
 I have these people, these friends...these ladies that have been with me for many many moons.  They have each played huge, significant roles in my life, and have seen me through some amazingly awesome, and some amazingly not-so-awesome times.  And they all blog too!  Bonus!

And I'm not going to lie to you...I started this post about three hours ago and have been interrupted (in a good way!) several times since, and I have no idea where I was going with this.  Other than these women...I love them, so very deeply!  They are amazing, kind, beautiful, and so very important to me.

And this weekend, well...maybe this is where I was going?  I'm headed to Dallas (yes, TEXAS!) on Friday for AdvoCare Success School!  So excited! Terran will be there again, as she was in February, and her hubs is coming this time! We'll be meeting in Cowboy Stadium (no, I'm not a Cowboys fan, but still, pretty dang cool!). AND, super exciting...I get to meet a BLOG FRIEND!!!!  My beautiful friend Nikki at My Life My Way is an AdvoCare-er.  We met through blogging, originally when I went to Spain, and we started talking about that, and then when I discovered that she was involved with AdvoCare. Anyway, just over a year later, I GET TO HUG HER!!!!  WOOHOO!!  I'm pretty excited that after this weekend, I'll have pics of the two of us like the ones above!  SO EXCITING!

So, thank you for humoring me and reading my randomness.  It's been a stressful, yucky, gross week at work, and I'm so very thankful that there is only one day left before I fly away.  This weekend, my heart and soul will be refilled...and maybe that means I will have the...gosh...ability/heart/purpose to come see you all more often!

Until then, please know that I love you all and I appreciate you and I think you are all so very wonderful and beautiful!

Have an awesome day!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Peaceful Heart

My Sunday...South Fork of Clear Creek, near Grangeville, Idaho

My Saturday...Salmon River, Idaho

I spent this weekend in a peaceful place.  One of those place where silence is louder than words, and much more relaxing.  It is a place where the sun dips behind the hills and lights the sky in brilliant light.  It's a place that makes my heart happy and my soul safe.  It's a good little place, and it was a good little weekend.

This work week is insane, but luckily short.  Three more days, and then I'm off to Dallas for AdvoCare Success School!  WOOHOO!!

I hope your weekends were all you hoped they could be, and that your week is going swimmingly!

Have an awesome day!