Monday, July 29, 2013

When Life Becomes a Habit (and a few summer photos)

Moon Rise; Sun Rise

Mom, Seezder and me, as seen by Hadley Flynn

And the Hadley Flynn herself

The Boys + Football = Awesome and Hilarious and Awesome

No, she's not my sister, and that's not our mom....


I know you know what I'm talking about.  When the things you love, have always loved, said you always would love, turn into chores.  Like blogging.  Like taking photos.  Like enjoying the simple pleasures.  Like seeing the beauty of every day.  Like wanting nothing more in your entire life than to help others be happy and healthy and be SUCCESSFUL at being happy and healthy.

At some time or another, everything you love has become, currently is, or will become a habit.  A drag.  A must-do.  An annoyance.

Does that mean there is something wrong with you?  No.

Does it mean that the process is broken?  No.

Does it mean that I can't ever take a break from whatever my passion is because it's a habit and I need to continue doing it?  No.

It means that sometimes we all need a little break.

Sometimes we need to clear our heads.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at everything in the form of a big picture, rather than the tiny pieces.

It means that we need to take a break sometimes.  And when the time is right, we all find our ways back.

And it won't feel like a habit, or a requirement, or a must-do.

It'll feel like the first time, when you were so excited to be a part of that thing.  It WILL feel that good again.

I promise.  Because right now, it does.  And it feels amazing.

Have an awesome day!

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