Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is Blarrrrrrry, my Army man.  He was a gift (aka: prize from tickets from the skee ball machine), from the real one.  He hangs out at my house when the real one can't.  That's all I'm going to say about that right now.  Other than...he makes me smile.

Friends, I've been in some very dark places.  I've been on some of the most twisty-twurvy (yes, it's a word!) roller coasters...and I HATE roller coasters. 

And I love to talk about being happy with yourself, strength in self, yadda yadda yadda. 

But the truth is, happiness with self is difficult.  Scratch that...difficult is quite possibly the understatement of the century.

Being happy with one's self is painfully close to impossible...unless you work at it.  And who the heck wants to work on self?  Sounds...selfish, doesn't it?

Guess what?


You are important to your family.  You are important to your spouse.  You are important to your kids.  You are important to coworkers (even when they seem ungrateful).  YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO OTHERS.

So why aren't you treating yourself like you are important?

Why do we put ourselves last?  As individuals, how do we become so consumed with others that we become the least important person on the list? 

It took me a long time to understand, accept, realize and ACT on the fact that I am important to others; therefore, I need to be important to myself.  I need to make myself healthy, happy, informed, etc. etc., because no one can do that for me.

And when I did...when I made the conscious choice to step back, be concerned with me, take care of me, heal me...the doors opened and a whole new world walked in. But only because I was ready.

Friends, take care of YOU.  YOU are the only one that can fulfill the inner need for happiness.  Listen to your heart, your soul, your logic, your illogicalness...listen to it all very closely, because it all has a purpose.  And then make the decision to LOVE YOURSELF and take care of yourself.  Take the time to find you, nurture you...and when you have learned how to do this (I almost said mastered, but I'm certain that is impossible!), then the doors will open to incredible possibilities.  But it all starts with you...

Have an awesome day!

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Jenn said...

I love this post friend! You're so right - you need to see/accept that you have value before anyone else will!