Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fuel Yourself!

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Hello beautiful friends!  Welcome to the start of a new week!  It's nice to (imaginary) see you all!

I have something on my heart that I need to share with you all.  Please bare with me as I spew.

At a young age, especially as women, we are "trained" to think that skinny is healthy and sexy.  To meet that media-inspired goal, we starve ourselves. We try every fad diet there is.  We spend thousands of dollars a year to meet this goal...and 99% of the time, we fail.

The reason we fail?  Because our bodies are not created to handle this stress that we put them through.

Yes, stress.  Not fueling your body, starving it, feeding it poor nutrition...all of these things cause stress on the body.  That's why we feel like crap when we give into the french fries at Wednesday night karaoke (oh wait, is that just me?!).

-  Your body NEEDS food/fuel to burn fat.  If you do not eat enough, your body goes into fat storing mode and you unintentionally defeat your own purpose.
-  You do NOT need to "exercise" for an hour or more a day to have results.  You DO need to do some sort of physical activity (GET OFF THE COUCH!) for at least 20 minutes five days a week (hey, weekends are days too!).  So go walk the dog around the block before you settle into your couch/tv.
- If you are looking for a quick fix "diet" to cut weight, you are setting yourself up for failure.  There is no doubt: you absolutely can cut weight and "look skinny" in no time flat.  But you will gain all of that back, and most likely, some extra when you're finished cutting.  
-Have you read the book "Wheat Belly?"  I dare you, do it.  You'll never look at a slice of bread the same again.

Friends, I'm no expert.  I've never been one to starve herself, because when my blood sugar drops, I don't want to be around me, let alone anyone else.  I've always been an eater...just not usually a healthy eater.  Since becoming involved with AdvoCare, and making a decision to (mostly) eat clean, I can tell you that I feel awesome.  I am fueling my body for success.  I don't count calories.  I don't worry about the amount of food I'm eating throughout the day.  I do concern myself with WHAT I'm putting in my body.  I do make choices that help my body keep moving.

We need to think about every single day as a lifestyle rather than a "diet."  Even by using the word diet, your mind automatically goes into the assumption that "I must eat this way or else," and when you mess up (because let's be honest, we all do), you feel miserable and then you feel like a failure.  When you treat your food intake as a lifestyle, you begin to understand that yeah, I had a cookie, but it's cool because 97% of the time, I eat well, I walked the dog four times this week, a cookie is all good.  LIFESTYLE friends, lifestyle.

As usual, I feel like I'm rambling.  But my point is, please please please cherish your body.  Fuel it.  Put proper nutrition into it.  Give it food and love and it will return the favor!

Friends, what does your LIFESTYLE look like?  Are you fueling your body for success?

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...

Everything about this...I LOVE!

Ya know what else I love?


Kayla @ Sealed With a Kay said...

Great messages you're sending out with this post! Very important to be healthy- don't focus on the scale!

Nicole Marie said...

completely agree... i've started looking at food in a completely different way since i've gotten back from spain