Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Reason Why

Beautiful friends, hello!  Welcome to your new week! How were your weekends?  Mine was amazing!

It was my dear Hadley Flynn's 6th bday!  I'm still unsure how time has flown THAT quickly that she can be 6 already, but apparently it's happened. Her Cuatro de Mayo fiesta was great, and complete with the kind of candles that don't blow out.  AWESOME!

The weekend was full of family and friends and AdvoCare and more friends and more family.  And gorgeous weather!  Holy goodness!  80+ degrees in Portland...that rarely even happens this early in the year. 

And I wanted to share those trees with you.  They are my favorite.  I think I've mentioned them before...certainly shared photos of them before.  Today, rather than taking my typical photos of them as I whiz by at 65 mph (you know, because that's the speed limit and I never drive 75+ to and from Portland...), I actually stopped.  I stopped to take the photos that my mind sees...and I've gotta say, I'm pretty stinking impressed with myself!  I could stare at those two up there all day long.  They might need to become my next canvases.  We shall see.  But that is the reason they are my favorite...just look at them!

OK, I don't have anything exciting today.  But I wanted to say hello and happy new week and make it your very best! 

Have an awesome day!

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New Life in Spain said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend ;)And I would love to bring my camera to those trees, we must do that when I come visit OK? :) They look beautiful.