Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Friends

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Yesterday was Jan's memorial service.  I would consider this to be the hardest service I've attended.

The church was packed with family and friends, there to celebrate an amazing woman who was so full of life and passion, and so very giving.  The pastor read letters that her family wrote her.  A slide show played that celebrated so many important moments in her life, and in every single photo, her smile...her smile touched my soul.  And what I think is all sorts of awesomeness...the woman never aged!  Two battles with cancer and she looked as beautiful at 59 as she did when she was 25!

The last letter that the pastor read was one from Jan's husband, Nick.  His words, his passion for his wife, the love that they shared that continued to grow stronger for 33 years...I can't find a word to describe what stirred inside of me hearing this letter.

After the service, we all went to Jan and Nick's house to celebrate her life.  Each night, Nick and Jan would sit on their swing on the patio, near the pool, and watch the sun set. It was their "thing."  Last night, we all gathered on the patio to watch the sun set, and toasted Jan as the sun sunk behind the hills.  To be there, to hold my (extended) family in my arms at that very thankful.

I talked to Nick for a while last night, or more so hugged him and listened to him speak about the love of his life.  He talked about having so much respect for her, loving her with everything he had, their life together and with their boys, listening to the boys have pool parties and how much she loved the laughter that their friends brought into the home.  After 35 years together, he still chased her around like a high school boy.  Nick lost his very best friend in the whole world.  My heart is aching for him and his family.

Friends, go make the call, visit, email, whatever it is.  Don't let a moment slip by.  Life is short; take advantage of every second.

Have an awesome day!

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Jenn said...

So incredibly difficult! I'm glad you were able to spend the day with Jan's family and celebrate/remember her life. Even though, that is such a hard thing to do.