Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Are Your Intentions?

I love the Columbia River Gorge in the spring.  It's so refreshing to start at the east end, my end, and see the flat desert landscape, with its hints of green, turn into a lush, green jungle.  It is amazing to me the changes that can happen over a 120 mile path.

Equally as amazing is how quickly life can change given circumstances in and out of our control.  The events of the Boston Marathon are a prime example of this.  Over 25,000 people set out on a trek to meet goals.  Finish first.  Complete with a better time than last year.  Run a marathon.  Finish a marathon.  So many people, so many goals.  All of these goals made intentionally, with great strides taken to prepare, both physically and mentally. 

And then the bombs exploded, and the disgusting intentions to harm people derailed the healthy intentions of those runners and spectators.  Life, in and out of our control.

Friends, the only thing you can do is live each and every moment of every day with great intention.  With every little task, with every breath, live and enjoy.  If necessary, think before you speak or act.  Live your life like you mean it, because this minute too will come and go.

Have an awesome day!

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