Monday, April 29, 2013

On Being Open

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I've been closed off for a while now.  I've been closed off to the idea of letting anyone new into my life.  I've been happy with the people I surround myself with currently; they are good to me, and I am good to them in return.  They have always treated me well and loved me and supported me.  So I keep the small handful very close to me and keep everyone else away with a steel and concrete wall a million miles thick.

But recently, I've noticed that I'm becoming more open.  I'm OK with meeting new people, and I'm slowly realizing that new people may become a fixture in my life.  I'm OK with entertaining the idea of hanging out with a guy (see what I did there?  Kind of OK with thinking about the fact that maybe it's OK...doing is another story.)  I'm open to new experiences and being brave and trusting others and getting back to the me that believes people are good and sincere and here to help, not liars and cheaters and jerk face jerks.

I'm getting there.  It's a process, but I'm getting there.

Acceptance is key.  Accepting me how I am, knowing where I want to be, and getting myself there.

Like I said, process.

But I will say...I'm REALLY starting to enjoy the ride again.  FINALLY!  This life, it's a good one, friends.  A really really great one actually!

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...

I'm glad you were open to being my friend friend. I love your face and IDK where I would be with out you and your support in all I do! In all aspects of that statement too. You know what I mean I know you do! Keep that open attitude! Life will treat you well!


Chandra said...

angie, you are truly a sweet soul and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend! i'm glad you are surrounded by an amazing support team who always supports and encourages you. continue to keep an open mind (and heart)...sometimes life's greatest relationships/experiences come along when we are most receptive to them.

Jenn said...

Open is good! I think allowing yourself to be open is a part of a bigger process of learning to trust your instincts of good vs. stupid jerkfaces. I'm excited that you're getting to the point that you're trusting yourself and learning to be open. Open is my theme for the year. Not sure when I became so closed off, but this year I'm working on be open to anything!