Monday, April 15, 2013

I Have Something To Say

Take Two on this post.  I am working on my anger management skills right now, as it seems that I'm talented enough to write an incredibly amazing and awesome post, and then delete the whole dang thing.  Lame sauce.

On Saturday, my friend Terran (that chica up there) and I hosted an AdvoCare togetherness time.  We held it at my friend Jody's house (Jody's a boy, just fyi), and it was great!  Terran led the whole thing and she NAILED IT!  I was a proud momma.

You see, almost a year ago, I shared the awesomeness that is AdvoCare with Terran, and she was excited.  Terran wanted to change her health; I had an opportunity in my hands to help her with that.  And I knew about Terran's financial situation.  It was slowly but surely suffocating her marriage and her family.  I had an opportunity to help with that too.  Terran saw the way my body had transformed, and she wanted that.  And when I painted a vision of financial freedom, she saw the potential for her family to be free of debt and to have freedom to enjoy each other.  And so she made the decision to become involved in AdvoCare. And she is changing lives every single day!  (She told her version of this story to some of our friends on Saturday, and I'm pretty sure I ugly cried.)

My friend Jody listened to Terran's presentation on Saturday, and was engaged, asking great questions.  Later in the day, he called me out.  Angie, you've been doing this for over a year and today was the first time I had heard your story, or in depth anything about AdvoCare.  Why is that?  Obviously it's worked for you (he knew me during the times of both of those photos above, and the previous 12 years).  Wow.  Fail.  And he was right.  He's one of my best friends and I kept this amazing opportunity from him.  Jody wants to lose a couple lbs.  I have something to help with that.  And Jody likes money.  I have something that can help with that too!  Point taken friend...heard loud and clear.

With that said, I'm not holding back from you any longer friends.  If you could see me, or if you know me IRL (and I wasn't typing), you know that I'm totally talking with my hands, because that's what I do when I get excited about something.  Friends, AdvoCare  has done amazing things in my life.  As you can see from that photo above (which I had to do a LOT of self-convincing to post), AdvoCare WORKS!  30 lbs down...are you kidding me?! And as far as finances, I've averaged $500/month the last three months just by talking to YOU and other friends around me.  Nothing big...just conversation.  I'm on track to make $1000/month by June.  Do you know what that means for me?  It means I GET TO KEEP  MY HOUSE!  Do you understand what a relief that is?!  

Friends, what could better health do for you?  What would your life look like with an additional $500/month?  And if you think I'm insane, that's totally cool.  I still love you and you still love me and we're all good.  But maybe even if this isn't for you, maybe you know someone who could benefit from all of this talk?  Think about it.  Let's talk.  I'm on your team, be on my team.  :)  I love you!

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...


I am so so so proud of you for posting this! SHARE YOUR STORY GIRLFRIEND!

Chandra said...

YOU GO Girl!!!!

Lindsay said...

You look frickin amazing!!So proud of you, friend! Love you, too :)I am going to be ready for the 24 day challenge soon! I'll let you know when.

Jenn said...

You and Terran rock! You both are doing awesome, awesome things for people :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

You are gorgeous! Period the end.

Kayla C said...

Go Angie! You're beautiful friend! XO!