Monday, April 22, 2013

I Don't Have Any Photos To Prove It

OK FINE!  Maybe two that are note my personal opinion....

Honestly, I've lived here for over three years and I've been taking photos of this bridge (via iPhone) over and over, and this is the first one that I've felt is post worthy.  In fact, I would almost consider it canvas worthy (because I'm currently obsessed with print-to-canvas).  Anyhoo....

How are you, beautiful friends?  I'm super fab!  This weekend was wonderful!

Saturday, I went to AdvoCare Spring Break Through.  It was an all day seminar/training/togetherness, and as they always do, it spoke to my heart.  This event focused on "sticking and staying." This isn't easy.  AdvoCare isn't for people who are looking to make a quick buck.  It's about helping people and changing lives.  I've caught this vision...and I'm sticking with it, friends!

Sunday was brunch with the girls at my house (aka: Sunshine Palace, aka: almost no roommate!), and it was lovely!  The sun was shining, the girls were was perfect!  I love the afternoons that we can all spend together, just enjoying life.

And now it's Monday.  Well, technically the end of Monday.  And I'm wiped and I need sleep.  I hope you had incredibly awesome sunshiny great days!  Make Tuesday GREATER!

Have an awesome day!


Kayla C said...

happy Tuesday Angie! :D Glad you had a great weekend!!!! I hope your week matches! XO!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I always tell you that you take the best pics. I wish I could see those beautiful things! Love you!