Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

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Dear This Week: Happy Admin Week!  I am so stinking spoiled! Lunch two days in a row, flowers, balloons, Starbucks, baked paleo goodies, kleenex (because I steal my coworkers' tissues because allergies suck) much goodness!!  Thank you friends!!  I appreciate you appreciating me!
Dear AdvoCare: This week started out rough, I won't lie.  I started out in a weird/I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing/I'm-doing-it-wrong sort of funk.  BUT, I am so entirely thankful for my friend who pulled me back to reality and helped clear my mind.  Seriously, she's been doing this for almost 13 years.  Why would I question myself and not go straight to her with my concerns?  Silly Angie! Thank you Deanne!!
Dear House: You and me, kid...we have some special plans this weekend, which include the deep spring cleaning!  After all, mom is coming up in two weeks. (LOVE YOU, MOMMA!) 
Dear Roommate: Thank you for making the last month amicable and easy, and for helping out around this place.  I honestly do appreciate it, and I know Diesl will miss the walks that you've been taking him on the last couple of weeks.  We wish you nothing but the best in your journey of healing.
Dear Beautiful Friends: I love you.  I love you a whole lot.  And I need to tell heart is happy these days.  Mentally, emotionally, physically...things are going much better in this neck of the woods.  And I thank you all for your patience!

And please, remember to smile...because you look AMAZING when you do it!

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...

Dear Ang

I love your effin face and I love the encouragement and support you show me. Thanks for being awesome!

A Muse in Purple said...

Hey sweets! Your new Advocare button looks AWESOME! So cool! Tomorrow is the big day, I go to my intro class to start cross fit! So exciting!

Marion Green said...

Aww, I just adore you Ang. I know we haven't caught up in forever, but I think about you all the stinkin' time (just the thought of you brings a smile to my face) and I miss you. I am so glad to read that things are better in your world. You are truly the type of gal who deserves as much sunshine in her world as you put out there.

I love you!
xo - Marion

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Moms coming and that's gonna be fun! I am glad this week is over. Stressful it was. Now on to another day. Love you!