Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I left work today and it was 72 degrees.  72!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you understand how amazing and awesome and incredible that is?!  I was one happy chica!  All of a sudden, it was outside on the patio time!  le sigh...I love summer!

I bought parsnips to add to the roasted root veggies this week.  They're OK.  Brussels are the best; no matter what I add to it, they are the best.  But the parsnips were a nice little addition, and now I can say that I've tried them.  (In case you're curious, they look like albino carrots, but fatter at the top and skinnier at the bottom.)

I'm going to Walla Walla (the place they liked so much they named it twice...ugh) for some grape tasting this weekend and I'm super excited.  Not only do they have some awesome wines out there, but they also have amazing restaurants.  Real food!  WOOHOO!  And I don't need to drive to Portland to get it (WW is only an hour away).  It's going to be awesome!

I almost gave into the crap candy bag yesterday.  Seriously, it was horrible.  The craving was so strong.  But I refrained...somehow.  Yea me!

My workouts have been less than on target this week.  It's a bummer, but I'm not stressing about it.  My food intake has been on target (although more than usual...blaming pms), so it's all good.

This week has been ridiculously long.  So many things to blame that on, but I won't.  It's just been long.  And I'm ready for this weekend.  So let's just get there.  Thank you very much..

I had blood drawn again today for the second time in a week.  I used that as my excuse not to run tonight (I am hilarious!).  I thought I might have arthritis or something fun in my middle finger joint, so I saw the doc last week, x-rays, blood draw.  Today, call from the doc's office...everything looks good, but she wants more blood for different tests that weren't run originally.  So back I went.  Apparently I'm making it up that my finger hurts.  Good to know.

I love AdvoCare.  I love everything that the company stands for.  I love the way I feel when I'm using the products.  I love the way that they are helping me reshape my body (if you send me a message, I'll send you the before and after pics from this last Challenge, but that's for your eyes only!).  Do you need more energy?  Do you want to lose a couple of lbs?  Do you want to work very part time (for real, 6-10 hrs a week, doing what you already do...talking to people) and earn a side income?  Do you want to become a millionaire with a great company?  Seriously friends, AdvoCare is the place you want to be!  AMAZINGNESS is happening!  Lives are changing.  And I am so very proud to be a part of it!!

OK...enough randomization.  Thanks for visiting!

Have an awesome day!


New Life in Spain said...

I hope the two last days of this work week go really fast so you can get going with that amazing weekend of yours! Can I come too? I also had crazy sugar cravings the other day, but I won! I won! One week and one day without sugar now... But it is getting better, it really is! I am determined :) Wish you a great day amiga! P.S. Love your new header!

Nikki said...

Get the effff 72!?!? I'm kinda hating on you. Well no not really I don't think I can EVER hate on you but you get my gist.

Chandra said...

may the rest of this week breeze by so you can enjoy an amazing weekend! and kuddos for staying out of the candy bag;)

Jenn said...

72!?!?!? LOVE! We actually hit 69 today!! It was glorious.

I will eat pretty much any veggie except parsnips. Well, and eggplant. But parsnips have this very distinct taste that I just can't get past. But, you are so right - brussels are the BEST. YUM! :)