Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Being Passionate

A friend of mine (who also technically happens to be the husband of ex) came to visit this weekend, and it was awesome!  For real, not being sarcastic.  It was a really great weekend.  We went to dinner Friday night and then just talked for hours (I'll come back to that in a moment).  Saturday, we went to Walla Walla and tasted some wines, then had dinner at Brasserie Four, an awesome French restaurant.  When we got back into town, we met up with that sweet lady above,. Grandma Alice.  She was in town for the rodeo (which we did not go to).  I love this lady, so very much.  Today, we did some stuff around the house, I cleaned carpets, and then he went home.  Best weekend I've had in quite a while.

The reason I can say that...the conversation Friday night was so very enlightening, for both of us.  It didn't focus on our marriage or relationship or anything.  It was focused on things that we've learned about ourselves over the past two years (the divorce was final one year ago on March 1, and we weren't living together for over a year before that). 

He has figured that he has ADD, which may be obvious to some, but I always thought was him being a jerk, interrupting me in the middle of conversations or whatever.  In fact, he's fact-gathering, not trying to be a jerk.  He's realized that he does this, and especially because of his job, he is trying to learn how to control it.  The whole realization was very eye-opening for me.

On my side, it was about passion.  We have never really talked about AdvoCare.  He knows that I'm making a business out of it, and that I love it, but he asked me Friday night to give him a presentation, and so I did.  I was sharing the 24 Day Challenge with him, and telling him my story.  I was talking, he asked a few questions, and then, mid-sentence, he interrupted me (ha!) and said, I have never seen you with so much passion...and I stopped in my tracks, and held back the tears (which I am apparently not capable of doing right now).  He reminded me that several several years ago, we had talked about me having a hobby, something that I loved to do, something that I felt so very strongly about, and I didn't have anything at that time that lit a fire in my belly.  He told me that he could see it in my face, in my body language, that I had found passion in AdvoCare.  It was all I could do to refrain from gushing big tears,..because he's right.  I've FINALLY found passion for something.  I wake up every morning and think about how I can help people, how I can impact lives...and he saw that in me, and it made my heart very happy. 

I think that passion is a tricky one.  I think that passion can sometimes disguise itself, and not really be passion...maybe just excitement over something new?  I don't know how to explain what I'm thinking.  But I do know that when you have passion about something, and you talk about it, share it with others, those people don't doubt for one second where your heart lies, what your passion is.  If you're passionate about something, it will shine from you like rays of light.  And people will want to be a part of that passion...or at least find their own passion so that they can feel that glow as well!

Friends, tell me about your passion.  What drives you out of bed every morning?  What puts the smile on your face, even with just a fleeting thought?

Have an awesome day!


New Life in Spain said...

What a wonderful weekend, friend! How great that you are able to stay friends and have such great conversations and see how you have both grown these two years. How beautiful that he sees that you have found your passion. I am happy for you too that you found your passion :)

Jenn said...

First of all, your pictures are bee-u-tiful friend! Second of all, I almost fell off my chair when I saw John in the last one - hahahaha!

I'm so glad you had a fantastic weekend! It sounds really cathartic for you both. Healing is good.