Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Not THAT Bad...

Dinner Tonight: baked acorn squash (first time I've had it, I do believe!), stuffed with shredded chicken (seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder and onion powder), topped with avocado and Trader Joe's most delicious salsa.  HOLY YUM!

The last picture, just a random moonset photo from last week.

This whole springing forward thing, I love it.  I know a lot of you are feeling sleepy from losing an hour, but I'm totally digging it.

Maybe it's because I had a couple of hardcore workouts this weekend, so I indulged in a nap yesterday (indulged...because I don't do this most Sundays?!), but I am sooo happy that it's Daylight Savings time!

I love that it was light until 7:00 tonight.

I love that the weather was warm and I could run outside tonight (fair weather chick, remember!).

I love that I have a lot more energy in the evenings.  Even thought it's only been two, I can totally notice a difference!

I love that with more daylight comes more warmth on this beautiful Earth.

All of this...yeah, it puts a huge smile on my face and makes me happy!

What is making you happy these days?

Have an awesome day friends!


Kayla C said...

That picture of the moon is just amazing! I love it! I'm lovin' the extra hour of sunlight too! More time to spend outside with my puppy!!! That makes me extra happy :D

Jenn said...

OMG, acorn squash is one of my favorite things in the WORLD! YUM! So easy and soooooo tasty :). Gorgeous photo of the moon friend!

ps. Daylight savings time does NOT make me happy :)

New Life in Spain said...

...and I love how happy positive this post is! You made me smile today, thank you very much :)

Lindsay said...

I love all of those longer/sunnier/warmer things too!

And.........(I know you're not supposed to start a sentence with "and" but I just did anyway)You are not an ass! I love you.

Nikki said...

How did you make the acorn squash? I have never had it! Would try it for sure!