Sunday, March 3, 2013

I took a step back in time this weekend.  And I could almost promise you, it was like we never left the place where it all began.

That place, 20+ years ago for one part, 30+ years for another, when we were so young and knew it all.  That place where our bodies never failed us, and our passions led our actions.

That place where we felt so secure, but couldn't wait to escape from, begin our lives, become who we would become.

And yet, looking at who we are today, I realize that we were these people, those many years ago.  Our hearts, our passions, our strength and was always who we were, who we are. 

Nothing and everything changes, all at once.  And tonight, as I reflect, I am so very thankful that all and nothing has changed, so many years later.  What a wonderful opportunity we have been given to live this life!

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

On the one hand, I'm concerned that you take photos while you're driving 75 mph down 84. On the other hand, I'm super impressed because every time I try to take photos while I'm driving they turn out blurry and horrible. These photos are gorgeous! :)

Isn't it funny that even though you so desperately want to escape your past, you realize at some point that it's actually an integral part of who you are today and you actually start embracing it?

Chandra said...

your photography just keeps getting even more amazing!...just be safe while driving;) and yes, this life is a wonderful just takes some of us awhile to figure that out and embrace it!