Sunday, March 24, 2013


Holy balls of goodness

I don't bake.

I actually pretty much refuse to bake because if I do bake, I eat.

In the last month, I've been baking.  And justifying.  "OH!  It's a PALEO recipe; therefore, it is good-ish for me."  Goodness graciousness.

Those cookies up there, those are Paleo.  Almond and coconut flours, along with real maple syrup as a sugar substitute, make them Paleo.  My fat belly, after eating a million of those little goodies, isn't so sure that they're good-ish even.  Friends, Almond Joy is my most favoritest Halloween candy.  Those cookie balls up there...coconut and chocolate.  AMAZING.

Moving on.  The other thing?  That's a Mexican Meatza.  Seasoned organic ground beef (yes, I splurged today, I'm worth it), baked and then topped with salsa, onions and bell peppers, baked some more, then topped with avo and cilantro.  More yum.  And simple.  My favorite combination!

The rest of the weekend was...insane?  Intense?  Emotional.  Annoying.  And today was finally peace and  normalcy.  Let me be honest with you...this past week was full of anxiety and tears and fear and not knowing, and not full of sleep or faith or patience or grace.  It was a week that I haven't encountered in quite some time.  And it sucked.  There is only so much pretending to "have my sh*t together," as the roommate so eloquently tells me, before the pretending bites you in the buttocks.  BUT, I spoke to the right people.  I have a plan of attack.  I have people who love me.  And I told the roommate that it's time for him to move on.  These are some of the reasons why today is the first time in a week I can say that I haven't cried (minus those few tears in church).

Today, I work up refreshed.  I went to church and listened with open heart and soul.  I hiked Badger (lost my car key momentarily, got a calf cramp that is still haunting me, and had a horrible hike-time, but loved every second of it!).  I cooked and baked.  I listened in on an AdvoCare team call that filled my heart so completely.  

And I am speaking to you.  And the smile on my face could not be more genuine.  Thank you for being here!

Have an awesome day!


Chandra said...

it happens to us all! and no pretending needed. i love how you are so open and candid not just when things are going great, but when you have encountered a set back too. this in fact makes you real and why i love stopping by...for a true dose of blog reality. and for what it's worth...i think the roommate needs to go too;)

Nikki said...


Jenn said...

Buh-bye roommate! Woot!!

Friend, I hope you have MUCH BETTER week this week! :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Listen I read up on this pale stuff and I can't eat what a damn caveman ate. Of course I can see why. I wouldnt want to hunt a dinosour. That's just stupid bullshit on their parts.