Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

Borrowed from my girl friend who posted on fb

If you currently live in, have lived in, or have ever visited (even for a few hours) the Pacific Northwest, you get this pie chart.

Moving on.

Dear Weekend: As usual, I have high hopes for you.  But this time, for real.  It's supposed to be at least 60 degrees. If you are anything like today was, 59 and no wind, beautiful blue sky, I will abuse you like nobody's watching!  Come on sunshine and a little heat!! I WANT TO HIKE!
Dear Badger: Mountain, you are mine, this weekend.  No more excuses, no more whining.  Just hiking.  I'm going to die, this being my first time of the season, but I'm sooo ready to push and go!  You will be mine again!
Dear Animals:  You know mom loves you, but you are the ONLY reason I dislike spring/summer.  It looks like I adopted smaller animals with all of the hair on my kitchen floor.  Please learn to either A) shed outside, or B) clean up after yourselves.  Thank you!
Dear Jacked Up Middle Finger on My Non-Fat Arm Hand: Dude, if you're arthritic, I'm cutting you off (sorry Jamie/Nubs).  Seriously, I'm wayyy too young to have arthritis.  You had better just be some random swollen weirdness, like the fat arm.  STOP ACHING.
Dear Paleo-ness: I am DIGGING you!  I feel so good, especially in my guts!  I won't lie...I haven't been 100% on, but I've stayed out of the coworker's candy bag, so I'm happy!  This is a good deal for sure!
Dear AdvoCare:  You + Me + Helping People Become Healthy and Financially Secure = My Heart In An EXTREMELY Happy Place!  Seriously to me about this.  My heart is so excited about helping YOU get healthy and earning money to help you reach debt and time freedom!  Help Me Help You Help OTHERS!  :)

That's all I've got for today!  Have great and safe and wonderful weekends friend!  I LOVE YOU!

Have an awesome day!



Chandra said...

Have an amazing weekend and that mountain doesn't stand a chance!

Chelsea said...

What a hilarious picture -- March is definitely the time for Spring Fever!!! Excited to read more of your blog :-)

Happy Friday!

New Life in Spain said...

Dear Angie! Have a wonderful weekend and hike! I have forgotten a bit how lucky I am to live in 'eternal summer', I need to appreciate it more again! Enjoy your sunny weekend!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

You will have to tell me about this paleo diet minus the muddle finger.