Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's Letters To The Boy

Dear Diesl: I still remember the day we met you.  You and twelve other babies were hanging out with your two mommas (two litters, two mommas = fatty puppies!) in a barn area at a home out toward the coast.  We loved on all of you babies...there were so many faces to see, eyes to look into, puppies to snuggle with.  All of you boys, and one little girl...who was clearly a princess.  She was a biter princess, I remember leaving with holes in my hands from her.  We held and touched and loved you all, trying to decide.  Jon walked away and sat on a hay bail...and you followed him.  I broke away from the masses to see you two cuddled up and I knew that you would be going home with us.  And instantly you became the love of our lives!  Dear My Boy: We talked about the day we would bring you home.  "As soon as we buy a house, we'll get a puppy..." We bought a house, moved in, and then met you the next weekend.  Dear Diesl Boy: Thank you for being the best boy ever.  You bark incessently, and it's sooooo annoying, but I love you anyway.  Dear Dog: I heard dad say to you the other weekend, "if you ever get tired of living with her, you can come live with me."  You know that's not an option, right?  Dear Diesl: I love you.  I am thankful for you.  Thank you for protecting me, loving me always, and being the best dog ever!

Happy weekends, friends!

Have an awesome day!



Chandra said...

Dear Diesl,
thank you for taking such good care of angie and for lovin' on her too. you are quite a handsome pup and i hope you have a dreamy weekend filled with lots of play, naps, and your favorite toys. happy weekend to the both of you;)

Nikki said...

Dear Diesl

Thanks for watching out for my friend there who just so happens to shove food in your mouth. I have yet to meet your cuddly face in person but one day I promise you that will change. Till then just know that I have a box of bones with your name on it. Keep up the good work and the incessant barking! No matter what your momma says about how "soooooooooo annoying it is" she loves you!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The only option for Diesl is to come visit Aunt Dusty and run around with your long lost cousins because you know in Labrador world like in the south, you have to be related.

New Life in Spain said...

He is so beautiful! I really seriously want a dog too!