Sunday, March 31, 2013


I carry a lot of guilt.  Guilt over things I've done in the past consumes me if I let it.  Most days, I don't let it.  And then some days, something will happen that reminds me, and my heart grows heavy. 

But the thing is, it's OK. 

Yes, I have done things that I am not proud of, but at the same time, I am very aware of these things, strive to be a GREATER person, and refuse to be in situations that lead me down the dark path.  And the reason that the past still haunts me is because I haven't forgiven myself.

Think about that for a minute...forgive myself...

We're taught to forgive others when they hurt us.  Sometimes that's easier said than done, but it's always the right thing to do, forgive others. Forgiving others means that you're letting go of the hurt/anger/whateverness that is most likely eating you from the inside out. 

I don't feel that I harbor any anger/hurt/whateverness toward anyone.  I believe that I'm up to date on my forgiveness of others.  But forgiveness of myself...I have a lot of work to do.  I've recently realized that this is something I need to work on, so it's still a challenge, but I do know that once I am able to let it all go, turn it all over, forgive myself, at that time my heart will be free and my mind will be clear.  And I'm really looking forward to that day!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's Letters To The Boy

Dear Diesl: I still remember the day we met you.  You and twelve other babies were hanging out with your two mommas (two litters, two mommas = fatty puppies!) in a barn area at a home out toward the coast.  We loved on all of you babies...there were so many faces to see, eyes to look into, puppies to snuggle with.  All of you boys, and one little girl...who was clearly a princess.  She was a biter princess, I remember leaving with holes in my hands from her.  We held and touched and loved you all, trying to decide.  Jon walked away and sat on a hay bail...and you followed him.  I broke away from the masses to see you two cuddled up and I knew that you would be going home with us.  And instantly you became the love of our lives!  Dear My Boy: We talked about the day we would bring you home.  "As soon as we buy a house, we'll get a puppy..." We bought a house, moved in, and then met you the next weekend.  Dear Diesl Boy: Thank you for being the best boy ever.  You bark incessently, and it's sooooo annoying, but I love you anyway.  Dear Dog: I heard dad say to you the other weekend, "if you ever get tired of living with her, you can come live with me."  You know that's not an option, right?  Dear Diesl: I love you.  I am thankful for you.  Thank you for protecting me, loving me always, and being the best dog ever!

Happy weekends, friends!

Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five Things, Because It's the Cool Thing To Do

5. I don't like to talk on the phone.  I wouldn't call it a fear, but for whatever reason, I find it easier to text, message, email...anything but talk on the phone.  I have to talk myself into calling people.  Not good for a relationship-based business like AdvoCare.  I'm working on it.  PICK UP THE PHONE ANGIE!  But don't worry...if you call me, and I'm available, I'll answer the phone.  I just have a hard time initiating the call.  And it annoys the crap out of me, because it makes absolutely NO SENSE, being that I'm probably the most social/friendly/talkative person you've ever met.  Just sayin.

4. In the past, I had a beautiful collection of books (I blame it on my English degree).  I would go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and look at beautiful books, touching, reading, wanting...and buying.  And then never reading.  I am not a fan of reading, never have been.  But I love to own books.  No, I don't think it makes me look smarter, because they aren't on display where people can see them.  I just like to own them.  I have since given up this obsession, and have started to actually read the books that I now own.

3. Diesl My Schmiesl turns 9 on Friday.  That's my dog, my best boy, the guy thatI sleep with every night.  I can't believe he's going to be 9!  Seems like just yesterday when that fat little roly poly came to be my BFF.  I love his fat face so very much!

2.  I once knew a man who is (currently, to the best of my knowledge) a federal public defender.  He has the task of protecting the American principle of "innocent until proven guilty," specifically in the cases of several people "relocated" to Guantanamo Bay after 9/11.  He wrote a book that recounts two specific cases of men he defended.  The book is called Kafka Comes to America.  Absolutely fascinating read (even though I've only read half of it).  (See #4 above, beautiful book collection, even though this one was given to me, and #3, Diesl's bday, because I was searching for the paperwork to verify his bday and found the the bottom of my filing cabinet.)

1. Last Saturday, I ousted one stress(or) from my life.  And I slept like a baby that night (clearly, I made the right choice).  But now I have several new "options" to think about, and a final decision to make...that needs to be made sooner rather than later.  I'm feeling good about these choices that lie in front of me, and I'm leaning heavily toward one in particular, but the other one keeps coming back to question any "final decision" I think I've made.  I've decided to take this week off from making huge decisions, and will pursue options next week.  But more changes are coming, friends.  And either way, whichever way I am led, the decision that is made will be the right one and I'm pretty excited about it all!

Thank you for coming to see me, friends!  Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm On Your Team, Be On My Team!

I love a full moon.  I think tomorrow night is actually the full part, but tonight, it was calling me.

So, let's get down to business, shall we?  Google Friend Connect, that little group of my bff's listed over there ---------------------------------------------------------------->

It's going away soon.  If that's how you follow me (if you receive an Each Day In This Life email each most days), you will automatically unfollow me come sometime this summer (not on purpose, of course!  I totally understand.).  If you'd like to continue to know when I write (I mean really, who wouldn't?), then please go to BlogLovin' and follow my blog.

BlogLovin' is a super easy FREE way to follow all of your favorite blogs.  This is actually how I follow my faves. 

Anyway, let's stay friends, shall we?  I LOVE YOU!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Holy balls of goodness

I don't bake.

I actually pretty much refuse to bake because if I do bake, I eat.

In the last month, I've been baking.  And justifying.  "OH!  It's a PALEO recipe; therefore, it is good-ish for me."  Goodness graciousness.

Those cookies up there, those are Paleo.  Almond and coconut flours, along with real maple syrup as a sugar substitute, make them Paleo.  My fat belly, after eating a million of those little goodies, isn't so sure that they're good-ish even.  Friends, Almond Joy is my most favoritest Halloween candy.  Those cookie balls up there...coconut and chocolate.  AMAZING.

Moving on.  The other thing?  That's a Mexican Meatza.  Seasoned organic ground beef (yes, I splurged today, I'm worth it), baked and then topped with salsa, onions and bell peppers, baked some more, then topped with avo and cilantro.  More yum.  And simple.  My favorite combination!

The rest of the weekend was...insane?  Intense?  Emotional.  Annoying.  And today was finally peace and  normalcy.  Let me be honest with you...this past week was full of anxiety and tears and fear and not knowing, and not full of sleep or faith or patience or grace.  It was a week that I haven't encountered in quite some time.  And it sucked.  There is only so much pretending to "have my sh*t together," as the roommate so eloquently tells me, before the pretending bites you in the buttocks.  BUT, I spoke to the right people.  I have a plan of attack.  I have people who love me.  And I told the roommate that it's time for him to move on.  These are some of the reasons why today is the first time in a week I can say that I haven't cried (minus those few tears in church).

Today, I work up refreshed.  I went to church and listened with open heart and soul.  I hiked Badger (lost my car key momentarily, got a calf cramp that is still haunting me, and had a horrible hike-time, but loved every second of it!).  I cooked and baked.  I listened in on an AdvoCare team call that filled my heart so completely.  

And I am speaking to you.  And the smile on my face could not be more genuine.  Thank you for being here!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Friday's Letters

here and here

Dear Furnace: I wish you wanted to work all on your own.  But the furnace man will come tomorrow morning and hopefully you only need your pilot light relit.  Fingers crossed.
Dear Fireplace: Thank you for being an awesome replacement for above mentioned furnace.  I'm quite cozy sitting here with my wine and computer!
Dear This Week: Please die and never come back.  You threw a lot at me, and I know I'm really freaking strong, but holy goodness!  Enough is enough!  Yes, I realize it could be wayyyyy worse, and I do appreciate that fact, but wow.  It's been fun.  Not even a little bit.
Dear Kid President: I love you and I want to meet  you and talk with you and dance with you and read Robert Frost with you.  I've watched your Pep Talk probably a dozen times this week (see above ode to this week...I needed some serious pick me up-ness).  Kid, you ROCK!
Dear Friends: I hope your weeks have been beautiful and that your weekends are amazing!  Make it the best you've had in a long time!

Have an awesome day!


Smile, Nod, and Smirk

here and here

Sometimes, when life throws crap in your path, that's all you can, nod and smirk...continue walking forward, don't run and hide, face the issue head on. 

We've got this, friends.  I promise!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Give Up. I Dare You.

Recipe here
Prosciutto and spinach smothered chicken, sans lemon (because mine was...unusable...gross).  You do realize that prosciutto is bacon's little brother, right?  YUM!  The recipe says, "if you're eating dairy..."  Curse you, choice to be Paleo-ish!!!!  I have no doubt that this would have been beyond amazing with some feta or goat cheese.  Holy flipping YUM! Oh, and the usual side of brussels and rutabaga...because I'm now addicted.

Moving on.

As I write, I'm listening to a pre-recorded webinar presented by Crystal Thuber, a Diamond distributor with AdvoCare.  I know that doesn't mean anything to anyone, but she's someone who has made an incredible business out of AdvoCare.  She and a group of over 100 people just returned from an AdvoCare trip to Africa.  Long story short, she is telling the story of a momma cheetah that they all saw while on their trip.  They were supposed to have this amazing dinner in the bush, but a momma cheetah took over the area, like the actual tables, and they couldn't have dinner. 

Long story short, the momma cheetah was calling for her baby.  She called for EIGHT HOURS.  Waiting. Pacing. Calling.  More waiting, pacing, calling.  Eight hours.  She didn't give up.  She was telling this story to get the point not give up.  Her baby came home.  Momma and baby were reunited.  Never giving up.

 Have a vision.  This is your time. Either you want it or you don't.  I can't force you to have it.  I WON'T force you.  It is up to you.  But I promise you, I will do all things in my power to help you get to where you want to be.  Please, just ask...I will help you!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Being Passionate

A friend of mine (who also technically happens to be the husband of ex) came to visit this weekend, and it was awesome!  For real, not being sarcastic.  It was a really great weekend.  We went to dinner Friday night and then just talked for hours (I'll come back to that in a moment).  Saturday, we went to Walla Walla and tasted some wines, then had dinner at Brasserie Four, an awesome French restaurant.  When we got back into town, we met up with that sweet lady above,. Grandma Alice.  She was in town for the rodeo (which we did not go to).  I love this lady, so very much.  Today, we did some stuff around the house, I cleaned carpets, and then he went home.  Best weekend I've had in quite a while.

The reason I can say that...the conversation Friday night was so very enlightening, for both of us.  It didn't focus on our marriage or relationship or anything.  It was focused on things that we've learned about ourselves over the past two years (the divorce was final one year ago on March 1, and we weren't living together for over a year before that). 

He has figured that he has ADD, which may be obvious to some, but I always thought was him being a jerk, interrupting me in the middle of conversations or whatever.  In fact, he's fact-gathering, not trying to be a jerk.  He's realized that he does this, and especially because of his job, he is trying to learn how to control it.  The whole realization was very eye-opening for me.

On my side, it was about passion.  We have never really talked about AdvoCare.  He knows that I'm making a business out of it, and that I love it, but he asked me Friday night to give him a presentation, and so I did.  I was sharing the 24 Day Challenge with him, and telling him my story.  I was talking, he asked a few questions, and then, mid-sentence, he interrupted me (ha!) and said, I have never seen you with so much passion...and I stopped in my tracks, and held back the tears (which I am apparently not capable of doing right now).  He reminded me that several several years ago, we had talked about me having a hobby, something that I loved to do, something that I felt so very strongly about, and I didn't have anything at that time that lit a fire in my belly.  He told me that he could see it in my face, in my body language, that I had found passion in AdvoCare.  It was all I could do to refrain from gushing big tears,..because he's right.  I've FINALLY found passion for something.  I wake up every morning and think about how I can help people, how I can impact lives...and he saw that in me, and it made my heart very happy. 

I think that passion is a tricky one.  I think that passion can sometimes disguise itself, and not really be passion...maybe just excitement over something new?  I don't know how to explain what I'm thinking.  But I do know that when you have passion about something, and you talk about it, share it with others, those people don't doubt for one second where your heart lies, what your passion is.  If you're passionate about something, it will shine from you like rays of light.  And people will want to be a part of that passion...or at least find their own passion so that they can feel that glow as well!

Friends, tell me about your passion.  What drives you out of bed every morning?  What puts the smile on your face, even with just a fleeting thought?

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Non-Friday's Letters

here and here
I just don't feel like doing Friday's Letters today.  Is that OK?  My body is tired, and I kind of did them yesterday, and I just wanted to say hello to you instead.  Hello.  :)

Friends, today, this afternoon, was perfect!  I left work a bit early, hiked Badger (got rid of two minutes from Sunday's hike! YEA!), cleaned the house, still have the sliding glass door and bedroom window's a great little evening around these parts.

So, notes on those words above...why is it that we think the worst first?  I sat in a meeting today (so.boring.) where we are trying to figure out how to make the masses communicate more effectively. Three of us share our opinions on just brain storming without restraint because we are a focus group and that's what we've been tasked with.  It is not our job to decide if there is money to do what we think should happen.  It is our job to come up with ideas for change.  Three seconds later, another group member speaks up..."well, what if there isn't money to get it done?"  My response (remember, I'm PMSing...): what is the point in having these meetings if we're going to try and predict what they will LET us do.  If we're going to worry about finances, which we know nothing about, then we shouldn't even be meeting."  grrrrrr.....

I believe that the thought of "what if it doesn't go this or that way" halts us in our tracks far too often.  We look at a situation and think, this could happen, that could happen, what about this and that...and 99.99999% of that is negative.  How did we get this way?  Why are we prone to lead toward the worst case scenario?  And I ramble....

Friends, let's not.  Let's just not.  For one day, let's just think that it's all going to be good.  Walk around with a smile on your face, and more importantly, a smile in your heart, and the words in your mind, "yes, today is a YES day!"  Think about what COULD happen!!  Just a little experiment.  I'm committed...I'm doing this!  Will you join me?

I double dog dare you...walk around with a smile on your face and heart, and a YES in your mind.  See what happens!

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I left work today and it was 72 degrees.  72!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you understand how amazing and awesome and incredible that is?!  I was one happy chica!  All of a sudden, it was outside on the patio time!  le sigh...I love summer!

I bought parsnips to add to the roasted root veggies this week.  They're OK.  Brussels are the best; no matter what I add to it, they are the best.  But the parsnips were a nice little addition, and now I can say that I've tried them.  (In case you're curious, they look like albino carrots, but fatter at the top and skinnier at the bottom.)

I'm going to Walla Walla (the place they liked so much they named it twice...ugh) for some grape tasting this weekend and I'm super excited.  Not only do they have some awesome wines out there, but they also have amazing restaurants.  Real food!  WOOHOO!  And I don't need to drive to Portland to get it (WW is only an hour away).  It's going to be awesome!

I almost gave into the crap candy bag yesterday.  Seriously, it was horrible.  The craving was so strong.  But I refrained...somehow.  Yea me!

My workouts have been less than on target this week.  It's a bummer, but I'm not stressing about it.  My food intake has been on target (although more than usual...blaming pms), so it's all good.

This week has been ridiculously long.  So many things to blame that on, but I won't.  It's just been long.  And I'm ready for this weekend.  So let's just get there.  Thank you very much..

I had blood drawn again today for the second time in a week.  I used that as my excuse not to run tonight (I am hilarious!).  I thought I might have arthritis or something fun in my middle finger joint, so I saw the doc last week, x-rays, blood draw.  Today, call from the doc's office...everything looks good, but she wants more blood for different tests that weren't run originally.  So back I went.  Apparently I'm making it up that my finger hurts.  Good to know.

I love AdvoCare.  I love everything that the company stands for.  I love the way I feel when I'm using the products.  I love the way that they are helping me reshape my body (if you send me a message, I'll send you the before and after pics from this last Challenge, but that's for your eyes only!).  Do you need more energy?  Do you want to lose a couple of lbs?  Do you want to work very part time (for real, 6-10 hrs a week, doing what you already do...talking to people) and earn a side income?  Do you want to become a millionaire with a great company?  Seriously friends, AdvoCare is the place you want to be!  AMAZINGNESS is happening!  Lives are changing.  And I am so very proud to be a part of it!!

OK...enough randomization.  Thanks for visiting!

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

here and here

Once upon a time, in a life far far away, I met a boy.  I like to call him the one that got away/my college sweetheart-type person (if I would not have already been dating/engaged to the first ex-husband). I know...I'm a bad person.  Judge me later.

Anyhoo, I hung out with this guy while I was in college.  He was pretty much my best friend, and then we liked each other, and then I thought about not getting married, and he hoped I wouldn't, but then I did, and he was pretty upset, and we became unfriends.  The last time I saw him was the day we 1998 (shut already know I'm old!).

Fast forward about 11 years later, I stalked found him on the facebook about four years ago.  Said hello.  We talked a little.  He was married, lived in Portland, I was married, lived in Portland.  It was good to catch up and that was that.  Soon after, his facebook account no longer existed.

And then a month ago...I was in Portland having a glass of wine at a restaurant bar with a girlfriend that I hadn't seen in years.  Random guy comes up behind this your purse (spread across the entire bar), yes, sorry...move said luggage, keep talking to girlfriend, don't even look at the guy.  Linds and I keep chatting, we try and get a photo (duh) and need to switch sides because of our hair parts (don't pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about), bartender takes said photo, we need to leave, stand up to go and said man stands up in our way.  "Are you Angie?"  Ummmm....yes...????  HOLY CRAP!  The one that got away!  WOW!  Hey, how are you?  Hug.  Take note that girl he is having dinner with is not girl from facebook marriage.  Where are you living, Tri Cities, you?  Still Portland.  Awesome!  Great to see you, must go.......heart racing, mind racing...

Monday morning, being the good little stalker that I am, I find an email address and send a note...I'm still in shock...15! Great to see you!  A few emails and texts, an invite for drinks the next time I'm in P-town, which still hasn't happened.  But there's plenty of time for that.  Fifteen years has already passed.  Waiting a bit longer to catch up isn't going to hurt anything.

Friends, what's making you smile today?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Not THAT Bad...

Dinner Tonight: baked acorn squash (first time I've had it, I do believe!), stuffed with shredded chicken (seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder and onion powder), topped with avocado and Trader Joe's most delicious salsa.  HOLY YUM!

The last picture, just a random moonset photo from last week.

This whole springing forward thing, I love it.  I know a lot of you are feeling sleepy from losing an hour, but I'm totally digging it.

Maybe it's because I had a couple of hardcore workouts this weekend, so I indulged in a nap yesterday (indulged...because I don't do this most Sundays?!), but I am sooo happy that it's Daylight Savings time!

I love that it was light until 7:00 tonight.

I love that the weather was warm and I could run outside tonight (fair weather chick, remember!).

I love that I have a lot more energy in the evenings.  Even thought it's only been two, I can totally notice a difference!

I love that with more daylight comes more warmth on this beautiful Earth.

All of this...yeah, it puts a huge smile on my face and makes me happy!

What is making you happy these days?

Have an awesome day friends!

I Am An Ass

Have I mentioned how in love I am with those eggy muffins?  So easy and perfect for breakfast on the go!  I added spinach this time...scrumptious!

But those little eggies are not the reason why I am an ass.

I spend a lot of time on this blog, on facebook, and in life telling people to look at the positive/sunny/good side of life and don't wallow in the negative because it can only bring you down.  I 100 billion million percent believe in this and 98% of the time live my life this way.  But occasionally I will catch myself in that other 2% area, that negative, gray, dark place that breeds ugliness.  Last night was one of those times.

I make comments on this blog about my roommate and allude to my irritations with him.  I was talking to my mom a week ago about this and she reminded me to be grateful.  Without him living in my home, I wouldn't be able to afford my home.  And so I did...I focused on being grateful and thankful that he was there so that I could be there.  That lasted about 8 hours, until I receive the cable bill and then all bets were off (we'll just say that I rarely ever watch tv and it pisses me off to no end to pay a bill for something I don't use.  That has sense been remedied, by the way.  An agreement has been reached and costs have been placed where they should be.).  Anyhoo...

Last night, the roommate came downstairs and asked if I had a few minutes to talk.  I (internally, I hope) rolled my eyes and said of course.  This is the part where I become an ass.  He's been locked away in his room for the past three weeks because he's been having severe panic attacks.  He said that it is starting to affect his work.  On Friday, he was giving a presentation at a conference and he thought he was going to have a heart attack because his heart was racing so hard/fast.  He woke up yesterday morning and felt like he was buried in 100 lbs of concrete.

These have been happening since January, with each one becoming more severe.  After Friday and this weekend, he has decided to reach out and get help, hence the reason he was filling me in on what was going on.

I've been sitting in my kitchen writing these blogs, cooking, living my life and thinking, dude, why are you locked in your bedroom?  What is going on?  And now I know.

And now I'm an ass.

My point is, friends, BE THE PERSON who says hello, who asks what's going on, who asks before judging.  You never know when you might bring someone out of a dark place, or better yet, not be an ass for prejudging.

Thanks for listening.  I love you!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

Borrowed from my girl friend who posted on fb

If you currently live in, have lived in, or have ever visited (even for a few hours) the Pacific Northwest, you get this pie chart.

Moving on.

Dear Weekend: As usual, I have high hopes for you.  But this time, for real.  It's supposed to be at least 60 degrees. If you are anything like today was, 59 and no wind, beautiful blue sky, I will abuse you like nobody's watching!  Come on sunshine and a little heat!! I WANT TO HIKE!
Dear Badger: Mountain, you are mine, this weekend.  No more excuses, no more whining.  Just hiking.  I'm going to die, this being my first time of the season, but I'm sooo ready to push and go!  You will be mine again!
Dear Animals:  You know mom loves you, but you are the ONLY reason I dislike spring/summer.  It looks like I adopted smaller animals with all of the hair on my kitchen floor.  Please learn to either A) shed outside, or B) clean up after yourselves.  Thank you!
Dear Jacked Up Middle Finger on My Non-Fat Arm Hand: Dude, if you're arthritic, I'm cutting you off (sorry Jamie/Nubs).  Seriously, I'm wayyy too young to have arthritis.  You had better just be some random swollen weirdness, like the fat arm.  STOP ACHING.
Dear Paleo-ness: I am DIGGING you!  I feel so good, especially in my guts!  I won't lie...I haven't been 100% on, but I've stayed out of the coworker's candy bag, so I'm happy!  This is a good deal for sure!
Dear AdvoCare:  You + Me + Helping People Become Healthy and Financially Secure = My Heart In An EXTREMELY Happy Place!  Seriously to me about this.  My heart is so excited about helping YOU get healthy and earning money to help you reach debt and time freedom!  Help Me Help You Help OTHERS!  :)

That's all I've got for today!  Have great and safe and wonderful weekends friend!  I LOVE YOU!

Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


here and here

IF I say good morning to this person, it could make his or her day.

IF I take the long way home, I might see a different view on the world.

IF I read more about leadership, I will become the leader that I want to be.

IF I step outside of my comfort zone, I may hear "no" more often than "yes," but I will have succeeded in stepping outside of my comfort zone, and "doing" is better than "wanting to do."

IF I change one life at a time, I will change many lives over time.

IF I talk to more people faster (not talk faster to more people, because I talk fast enough as it is), then I will help more people!

IF I wake up every day with my purpose in the forefront of my mind, and more importantly, in my heart, my mind and heart will be focused on the goal.

IF I tell you that I love you, my dear beautiful friends, I know that you will hear me...and I appreciate that!

But why would these be only IFs?  Why are they not I WILLs or I HAVEs?  Because in my world, they are not IFs, they are WILLs and HAVEs.  What are they in your world?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Who Am I???

Recipe here

I'm on a roll people, for real.  If I could not work my "day job," I would AdvoCare by day, and cook and bake Paleo by night.  That is my perfect life scenario!

That shrimp goodness above, holy oh my!  A little bit of spicy, a whole lotta flavor, paired with brussels and rudabaga (and mixed together at the end!)...AMAZING! 

And the brownie muffins...YUM!  I had to freeze them pretty much immediately...something about eating a dozen brownie muffins at once NOT being legal on any sort of healthy eating plan.  Lame. 

And yes, I realize you're dying to know, so yes, I'll share! Thank you, Brenda, for sharing these little morsels with the rest of us!

Pumpkin Brownie Muffins
1 1/2 cups Almond Flour
3/4 cup (1/2 a 15 oz can) Canned Pumpkin
3 Eggs
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/8 Tsp Salt
1/4 cup Honey
2 Tsp Almond Butter
3 Tbsp Cocoa
1 Tsp Vanilla
Small Handful of Dark Chocolate Chips

Mix it all together.  Measure out goodness into a greased muffin pan.  Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.  Eat and enjoy!  (Yields one dozen.)

You're welcome.

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I took a step back in time this weekend.  And I could almost promise you, it was like we never left the place where it all began.

That place, 20+ years ago for one part, 30+ years for another, when we were so young and knew it all.  That place where our bodies never failed us, and our passions led our actions.

That place where we felt so secure, but couldn't wait to escape from, begin our lives, become who we would become.

And yet, looking at who we are today, I realize that we were these people, those many years ago.  Our hearts, our passions, our strength and was always who we were, who we are. 

Nothing and everything changes, all at once.  And tonight, as I reflect, I am so very thankful that all and nothing has changed, so many years later.  What a wonderful opportunity we have been given to live this life!

Have an awesome day!