Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Working Through It

I love this...absolutely love it!  Last weekend at Success School, one of our leaders, Jenny Donnelly (who is from the Portland area -- WOOHOO!) talked about this.  Her words always strike my heart, as if she is speaking directly to me.

She told the story of taking her daughter skiing on Mt. Hood for the first time.  They practiced on the bunny slope and Hannah "got it" in no time.  She would get to the top of the slope, could see the end, and knew that she needed to snow plow all the way there. 

After a few runs, Jenny convinced Hannah to try the next run. Same grade/steepness as the bunny hill, but longer.  So they took the chair lift up, hopped off at the top and Hannah positioned herself in perfect snow plow form.  She started down the hill, but soon freaked out/stopped/apparently through a fit because she could no longer see the end of the slope.  This was a longer slope, about a mile.  Hannah could see the skiers in front of her gliding down the mountain...and then curving off to the right...into oblivion. 

Fear of the unknown crept in.  She was afraid of what was waiting around that bend.  And that fear paralyzed her. 

Jenny then spent well over 30 minutes convincing Hannah to get herself down the mountain.  Sounds like not-so-much-fun to me. But finally, Hannah conquered that fear. She was brave because she powered through the fear.

With AdvoCare, I have a lot of fear...fear of the unknown.  Fear of the "what ifs."  What if someone says no? What if they laugh?  What if they're mean?

But...more importantly...

What if they aren't any of those things.

What if this person that I think needs my help, is ready to hear my words at the EXACT MOMENT that I speak them.  And their lives are changed forever?  What if?  How can I NOT allow this to happen?

Friends, are you ready, are you able to be brave and work through the fear?  Because fear is FAKE.  YOU have the power to control it.  So do it!

Have an awesome day!

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