Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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Earlier today, I was perusing Pinterest, hoping to find the inspiration I needed to run tonight.  Because I really really didn't want to do it.  I was super close to talking myself out of it (just like I did last night). 

And then I came across this gem, and it struck a chord with me.  Running is for sure my therapy.  I don't run fast or far, but 100% of the time, my mind is clear and on track when I finish.  And I was in desperate need of clearing my mind of my own lazy tendencies. 

I did run tonight.  And when I finished, completely drenched in sweat and breathing like I had never run a foot in my life, I laughed at myself.  I laughed because I did, in fact, have a clear mind.  I did have a smile on my face from accomplishing 3.5 miles.  I did feel amazing.  And that euphoria has lasted all evening.

Remind me again why I try and talk myself out of this?

Friends, what is your therapy? What honestly truthfully clears you mind and gets you on track?

Have an awesome day!


Heather Marie said...

i love that feeling of running! it is an amazing thing, I am a runner and i have found that just by setting goals i tend to stay on track. i never usually want to go, but then i go and i feel awesome. That is enough for me to keep coming back! Also talking about running inspires you to go run more. I have found that the more I talk about running, the more i run!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love running too!

Nikki said...

While I am not a avid runner I do run from time to time and I have to admit I always feel like my head is clear when I am done! Something about running just makes you forget about the world!

SEL said...

Great job! 3.5 miles is no joke. I love working out and going to the gym. But being pregnant has put a slight damper on that. (Which I'm okay with) ;)

But the one quote that always made me end up working out? Was, "the workout you don't want to do is the one you need the most." It worked every.single.time.

Stephanie said...

I'm hoping that exercise become my therapy. I'm always so jealous when I hear about "runner's high" and the euphoric feeling after a good workout but I've yet to really experience that. Hopefully now that I'm doing it consistently for 40 straight days, it'll become a habit rather than an inconvenience.