Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hi Monday!

Columbia River and Gorge
Columbia River (from the Oregon side) and a town (apparently) called Wishram, on the Washington side
Mt. Hood

Hi friends.  Happy day.  I'm sleepy.  How are you all?

These are just a few photos from my week.  The weather has cleared up so the camera has come out of hibernation!  YEA!'s supposed to be in the mid 50s here this week.  AND...I don't work on Friday because I fly out to Dallas for the weekend for AdvoCare Success School!  YAHOO!'s just going to be an awesome week!

How are you feeling about it all?

Have an awesome day!

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Chandra said...

i love all of these! have an amazing week and a safe trip! and enjoy the weather (so jealous!)