Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V-D

Take that title to mean whatever you want it to mean.  I will be attending an Anti-Valentine's Day Day Party this evening.  That's how I feel about that.

Moving on.

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You know who I'm talking about.  The people that have perfect lives, perfect marriages/relationships, perfect families, perfect homes.  I'm sure that some of those people actually do have perfect lives.  But I'm willing to bet that the majority of them do not. 

I didn't.  I was faking my way through my life...doing everything I could to make it appear harmonious, wonderful, grand.  And everyone believed me (I think?).  The majority of the time, it wasn't any of those things.  And I realized that the faking was hurting me.

I wasn't healthy physically, mentally or emotionally.  Everything about me was suffering, including my fake/perfect life.

So I made changes, very difficult changes, but changes none the less.

And now I refuse, yes, REFUSE, to be put into a position where my health suffers so that appearances can be upheld.  I'm getting pretty darn good at saying NO to people/ideas/interactions that do not help make me a better person.

I choose to be happy and feel happy on the inside, knowing that my internal sunshine, when well lit, will shine to my outsides.

Friends, be true to you.  YOU are amazing.  Be happy inside and out!

Have an awesome day!

P.S.  Sorry if this is a bit grumpy pants.  V-D brings out the worst in me. 


Nikki said...

Friend you are amazing! You have no reason to fake your way through ANYTHING! Be you and enjoy your life for yourself and for no one else! You deserve to be happy! LOVE YOU! Be My Valentine?

Jenn said...

I take that title to mean - Happy birthday OREGON! :) Which, quite frankly, is a way better reason to celebrate than cupid-day.

I LOVE your words today. Every once in awhile I get embarrassed that I drive the biggest piece of crap truck and live in a tiny house in the hood, but then I remember that I have I have a husband who rocks and we're not in debt, we're in a position to really invest in our health and we have an awesome life. And then I slap myself for being superficial :). What matters is that we're happy and healthy and the people who I want in my life are the people who love me regardless of what I drive and where I live :)