Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday's Letters

Oh Valencia...

Dear March: Well hello!  It is so nice to see you again!  Reasons why I am happy you are here? 1. March 1st = mid 60s for a high (LOVE). 2. March 10th = Daylight Savings Time! YAHOO!
Dear February: You were a speedy little booger!  I can't believe you came and went so quickly.  But I promise, I'm totally cool with it!
Dear Spain: I miss you.  A lot.  I'm making plans to come see you again.  Stay tuned!
Dear AdvoCare: What a great and busy week!  We're going places baby!
Dear Portland: Yep, I'm going to grace you with my presence this weekend.  You lucky duck!  You are going to be BUSY, but great!  I'm super excited about this weekend!
Dear Body: Sorry that I worked you so hard this week, but you've just been doing so well that I thought you could use the extra push.  And I was right; you took it like a champ!  Good job!  Now, stay awake through tonight's meeting, OK?
Dear Friends: Thank you for hanging out, for reading, for being amazing.  I appreciate you all so very much!  Have amazing weekends!

Have an awesome day!



Southern Gal said...

Here from Ashley's. Just dropping by to say hello.

Kelly said...

Stopping over from Friday Letters! Great letters, have a great weekend!

New Life in Spain said...

Oh Valencia.... <3