Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday's Letters

Sunrise over the Columbia River
Dear Cancer: You can SUCK IT.  Seriously for real, just suck it.  On Monday, my friend Serina had a lump removed from her breast (her second breast cancer diagnosis).  On Tuesday, my brother-in-law had a large ball of lymphoma removed from his core. Both of them are doing well, thankfully.  But for real, stop picking on people... ALL PEOPLE!!  Dear Jamie and Nubs: Surgery number three for the week: My friend Jamie had two of her finger tips amputated due to an allergic reaction to pain meds given to her at the hospital when she stabbed herself in the hand and had to have stitches.  Literally, one in a million-type reaction to the meds.  So crazy!  So Jamie, we welcome Nubs into the WolfPack.  I'm excited to meet them!  Dear Spring:  I feeeeeel you!  You can't hide from me, I know you're coming!  YAHOO!  This weekend, hiking is for sure on the agenda!  Dear God: Thank you for this life that I've been given.  Thank you for the opportunity to start over again (and again and again).  I'm working on living it the way you intended.  Cool?  Cool.  Dear All of You Lovely Readers Out There: My new theme, or maybe motto?: Help Me Help You Help Others! What can I do for you, or for people that you know?

I love you, friends!  Have amazing weekends!



My-cliffnotes said...

Cancer can suck it! I'm glad they are all doing well!

Summer said...

I second that Dear Cancer and all life threatening diseases you can suck it! I am glad to hear they are doing well and I too am one of the rare peeps that get that one in a million reaction why me ugggg yup always the case grrrrrr....hope your friend is ok and girlfraaaan and I am so ready for spring!