Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Yes, it is a gorgeous Friday morning here in the Tri Cities!

Dear This Week: You're a weirdo.  I've had enough of the rollercoaster.  Can't we all just get along?  Dear This Weekend: Trip to PDX for an AdvoCare meeting, and maybe a little shopping?  Yes please!  Dear Fort Worth: One week from today and we'll be friends again!  YAHOO!  Soooo excited to get away and FOCUS on what is important!! Dear Mom: I love you.  A lot.  Dear Spring: I do believe that your fever has struck me.  It's still cold, but look at that blue sky!!  I am in desperate need of you...come to momma!  Dear Self: Are you willing to sacrifice now to live your dream later?  Remember, it's not about you, it's about those that you help and inspire!  Dear Friends:  I feel that my words cannot fully express the gratitude I have for all of  you.  Your words of inspiration and motivation and LOVE are so AWESOME and I deeply appreciate every one of you.  Thank you for stopping by my little world!

Have an awesome day!



Jenn said...

Weekend! Woot! This week has been a little cracked out for me too. I hope you have fun in Portland!! :)

Heather Marie said...

I got spring fever too! eek! have a great time in Portland, I have never been but have only heard great things!

bigT said...

YAHOOOO!!!!! I get to see your smiling sunshiny face TODAY!!!!! I am so very excited to hug you and laugh with you and dream with you....AND I get to hang out with you for a WHOLE WEEKEND NEXT WEEK in Texas!!!!! Oh my heart is so very happy!!!!

Ps. spring fever FOR SURE!!!