Sunday, February 24, 2013

Decisions As of Late

Hi friends!  I hope you all had lovely weekends.  Mine has been fabulous, thank you for asking!

I have alluded to, or maybe said point blankly (I don't really remember) that I haven't been myself for quite some time, like months.  I've been struggling.  I've felt off.  My sunshine hasn't been present and my smile has been fake.  The last three weeks, I've been focused on figuring out WHY I was feeling like, and trying to determine what was going to fix me.

Vacation?  Moving to a new town?  Moving back to Portland? A new job?  A new boyfriend (hahahahhaa...not really.)?  But none of these things seemed to be THE thing that, when I considered it, said YES, that's what I need. 

Good news: with all of this soul searching happening, I've actually figured some stuff out and made a few decisions!  YEA ME!

-  I have cut back on my alcohol consumption significantly. 

-  I think I have found a church home.  This is something I've been considering for quite some time. I'm in need of guidance, so I've searched, and I think I've found.

-  I am 110% committed to AdvoCare as a business.  There is a system in place that will help me be successful, and I have decided to be teachable and do what they all say so that I can help others.  Help Me Help You Help Others!  Pretty cool, huh?

-  I  have decided to embark on a Paleo lifestyle (yes, I'm refusing to use the word diet, because the implication of diet is similar to that of new years resolutions...things to be broken or quit after a certain amount of time).  I will be finishing up an AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge this week, and I have decided to continue on with that plan, and add in some awesome new Paleo recipes.  My body feels better when I eat properly.  And the main reason behind this?  My sugar addiction.  I cannot stop.  I've tried, and failed, over and over.  Therefore, I am putting a plan in place that will (in my mind) steer me in the right direction and away from stuff that makes me feel like crap. (Why do we do this to ourselves anyway?  It doesn't taste THAT good, and it doesn't make us feel good.  Yet we can't get enough. So irritating!)

Along with the Paleo deal, I'm going to be doing some meal planning.  Being that I am the only person I cook for, my cooking usually yields food for days.  Today's cooking included Potsticker Burgers,

"I can't believe it's not hummus" dip,

An EVOO/apple cider vinegar/stone ground mustard/honey vinegrette dressing (not pictures), and meatloaf!

Don't worry, it has a scrumptious topping on it!

Yes, it's been a busy afternoon around these parts!  :)

I'm super excited about this way of thinking and doing.  I'm excited to continue to feel flat in the belly region. I'm excited to continue to treat my body properly.  And I'm excited to continue promoting this awesome personal high that I'm riding right now.  Life is good, friends...really, really good!

Have you made any decisions lately that will improve your health and/or life?

Have an awesome day!


Chandra said...

i think all the steps you are taking are sure to help you achieve a healthier + happier life. the recipes look amazing! i'm trying to work out more (as i usually feel my best when i do) and not be so lazy about scheduling time to fit them in!

Jenn said...

Friend, you rock! I love all your changes/decisions! I will not even hesitate to say that committing to cooking dinner at least 5 nights a week was one of my best decisions ever. It forces us to eat healthy, I get lunches out of it and we both just feel so much better. Good for you for taking steps for both your health and your well being :)

New Life in Spain said...

Wow wow and wow! That's a lot of happy vibes in one post. I have lately thought about changing the way I eat as well, but I haven't quite found my way yet. I just know that I need to change something cause my body is not happy with what I am eating. Cutting sugar is also a big part of that!

Kayla C said...

WOW! Go Angie! These are all great steps to clearing your mind and getting healthy too! I'm always so inspired by your motivation to try new things and I have a few friends that are pretty strict in their Paleo lifestyle. I could never do it because I don't eat meat, but I like the concept and I agree with having as much fresh food as possible!

Sending HUGE hugs your way friend! XOXOXOXO!