Monday, January 28, 2013

Words From the Wise

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Words from my best friend..."Don't let fear win if "it' is everything that it looks like it could be."

That best friend of mine, she's brilliant.  This is why she's been my best friend for over 20 years.(gawd we're old...)

We were having a discussion about people in my life, places I want to go, things I want to do...and the fear that holds me back.

Part of it is fear within me, self imposed, self destructing.  The fear I have is made up and is based on...I'm not sure what.  Excuses maybe?  I mean really, what's the worst that can happen...

With AdvoCare...someone tells me no?  OK.  Cool.

In a relationship...I get hurt again?  OK, more lessons learned.  More things I can take with me in this life.

In traveling the world and exploring life to my heart's content: Honestly, I'm not afraid of this one.  This one, I've got.  My needs to travel.  This one is not my fear.  It is my passion and my dream.  And it's a good one.

It's not a good way to live this life, constantly being in fear.  Fear is a destroyer of happiness.  Fear is fake.  It has no validity, and no place in my life.

I need to stop being afraid.  I need to step out and be confident in EVERY part of my life.

And so do you.  

Because really, what's the worst that can happen?

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

Girlfriend you are beautiful and confident dont let fear keep you back. Look that fear in the face and tell it to take a hike!


Kayla C said...

True that! I'm working on it, I think sometimes the trickiest part is learning exactly what you are afraid of. Once you've got that, just focus and work really hard at beating it silly so it doesn't scare you anymore! :)

Another great message girlfraaand! I love it! XO

A Muse in Purple said...

Hey, hey you should walk the talk sista! Try Zumba *wink* ok you know I love you but yeah!

Chandra said...

don't let fear hold you back...for every no, there will be a yes! and if a door closes, another will open up for you;) things may not always happen or turn out the way we think they should, but if we allow fear to take over, we will never know the possibilities.