Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Whole Year!

Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

One year ago, I started on this little blogging adventure.  One year ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  One year ago, I desperately needed an outlet.

In search of a place to share my daily dose of sunshine with the world, and with the encouragement of my dear friend, Marion, I chose a name, and I started writing.  And I haven't looked back.

I never imagined what I would learn in this world.  I never imagined the friends I would gain in this little blogosphere.

Can I tell you how thankful I am for YOU?  I am thankful that you read me, and leave me little notes...notes that tell me that my sunshine dose helped you that day, or a little love note when I am the one who needs a shot of sunshine.

I am so very thankful that you all take time out of your days to read my ramblings, my sunshine, my pain, my love and hate for all things in my world.  I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!

Thank you, my friends, thank you from the bottom of my toes! 

And just to let you in on a secret (another post for another day), one of my goals this year is to stick more to the sunshine, and dish out less of the crap. I know I've been "off" (my rocker?) for the last several months.  Needless to say, I appreciate you sticking around.  This new year, this one is going to ROCK!  Stick with me,'s going to be amazing!

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

Happy One Year! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog when I did and got to know you! I love you and look forward to your posts and your sunshine! Keep on keepin on!

Jenn said...

ONE YEAR! One year of spreading your awesome sunshiny-ness to the world. YAH! :) Happy Anniversary friend! I've so loved following along and am looking forward to what the new year holds for you - and this space :)

Kayla C said...

Happy Blogiversary friend! Looking forwars to many more posts from you :D YAY! xoxoxoxo!

New Life in Spain said...

Happy Blogiversary! I am so grateful for you too <3

Chandra said...

And thank you! I don't even remember how our paths crossed, but I'm glad they did! Keep writing and sharing the sunshine:)