Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Did you miss me?

Maybe just a little?

Friends, words of advice from the undead...DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT catch/contract/decide to take part in the flu.  Holy my goodness.  That crap knocked me on my butt this past week.  Fever, achy body, cough, congestion that was CERTAINLY going to cause my head to explode...a bunch of grossness. 

And it looked a lot like this...

And this...

And a whole lot like this...

Luckily, beginning Saturday, it didn't hurt to get out of bed and I wasn't forced to spend the entire weekend on the couch!  I didn't really do anything, didn't venture too far from home, but it was delightful to not be couch-bound.

Friends, are you staying healthy during this flu season?  I'm wishing you healthy thoughts!

Have an awesome day!


New Life in Spain said...

I missed you!
Glad to hear you are better. I haven't been sick since back in June when I missed that fabulous Chambao-concert that I had been looking forward to for months...grrrr. And I am planning to stay healthy! No real flu-season here :) You know, it's summer!

Kayla C said...

So glad you are back and feeling better! The flu suuuuuuuucks! Stay healthy girrrrrl! XO