Monday, January 21, 2013


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I'll let that sink in for a minute...

I've talked before and another time about smiling, and the importance of putting your smiling "foot" forward, whether you feel like it or not, because you never know whose day you might make.

But what about a hello?  You just smiled at someone, you've made a connection.  Can you follow it up with a hello?

Think about the current relationships in your life.  What if you or your significant other hadn't said hello?  What if you and the BFF hadn't taken a leap of faith and said hey? 

Think about blogland, this wild and crazy blogland.  What if I hadn't stepped outside my comfortable little blog-stalking space and decided to write  my own words?  Man oh man...I'd be missing out on some really AMAZING relationships!  And I KNOW there are several of you out there that feel the same way, and have been fortunate enough to meet your very bestest friends in this blogging world.

Think about your seems that a lot of us have some sort of business, either full time or on the will that grow if you don't say hello?

Currently, I am working on my hellos.  I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of an extrovert, but even for me, sometimes making the sound come out of the mouth is the biggest obstacle.  My theory as to why?  Fear of rejection.  What if the person that the hello is intended for looks at me like I'm crazy?  SO WHAT.  Maybe I am a tad crazy...I'm cool with that.  That person that the smile was intended for isn't going to take away my birthday.  And said smile recipient won't hurt me for saying hello.  And an ignore does NOT hurt me. 

So, I will continue to say hello, because you never know where that hello will lead...millions of possibilities!

Can  you take that leap and make the sound come out of your mouth?  Let me start:  Hello, friend!

Have an awesome day!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

One word that says so many things and opens the door to a whole world of things. My favorite is when you meet your baby for the first time. We say hello little one and it goes from there... Amazing! Love you!

Kayla C said...

This is so true! Every workday, I drive my car to the garage (about 4 blocks away from my building) along the way on my walk to work I see so many strangers and a few familiars (the shoe shine guy, some of the employees at the little shops along the way etc. I always smile and say hello, I try to always hold the doors and elevators for people too. I often think "you could be helping someone start their day out right by just doing something small" so I do it. When people do these things for me I want to highfive them and thank them for helping me start mine out right too!

New Life in Spain said...

It's funny how hard it can be. I always say hello to the people in my building, and entering shops and stuff, but it is really kind of hard to say hello to random strangers where it's not obvious to say hello...