Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Art Walk

Once upon a time, a million years ago, I went on the trip of my lifetime (thus far).  I traveled to Spain for two glorious weeks.  I ate.  I drank.  I met amazing people.  I laid on beautiful beaches and swam in the Mediteranean Sea and Bahla de La Concha.

During this vacation away from life, I was forced to make a difficult decision: what sort of souvenirs will I take home?  Luckily, the answer came to me quite quickly; my memories would be depicted in art.  I would buy a painting or piece of art work from each of the four cities that I visited.

When put into practice, I came home with one painting from Madrid and a beautiful necklace/bracelet combo from Valencia (jewelery is a form of art, right?)

Painting on canvas from Madrid
Other than that, I failed to purchase art in Barcelona (where I spent the longest period of time) or San Sebastian.  I had chosen a watercolor painting in Barcelona that I decided to wait and purchase on my last night, but plans changed and I did not end up in the same area of Barcelona on the last night.

I was slightly bummed about my lack of purchases...until I realized that I had an iPhone and camera FULL of photos!  Light bulb moment: why not choose some of my fave photos that I took and turn them into canvases?  BRILLIANT if I do say so myself.

Friends, have you ever priced out turning your photos into canvases?  It's not cheap.  That is, until the day that a Sharing Spree offer walked into my inbox.  A 16 x 20 canvas for $25?  Yes please!  In fact, I'll take three!

So I went through all of my Spain photos...several times, just to make sure.  I chose three, placed the order and waited.  And waited. And today they arrived!!!  Holy goodness, I'm so very excited!!!  Without further ado, introducing my new art collection!

Man oh man...SO EXCITED! Right now they are resting on the mantel.  Not sure where their final resting place(s) will be, but as I sit here and stare at them, my heart is overflowing with memories of an amazing trip!

What sort of memorabilia do you bring home from vacation?

Have an awesome day!


Chandra said...

I love your photos on canvas! And it's the best kind of art...your own! I love snapping lots of pictures too and usually try to come home with a t'shirt or postcard whenever we travel. And depending on where we are, I try to find something handmade and unique to that place. Makes me want to take a trip...

Nikki said...

LOVE LOV LOVE! They came out FAB!

Nicole Marie said...

LOVe that barcelona one!! beautiful shot!

New Life in Spain said...

WHAT A COINCIDENCE my friend. Yesterday, the same day you post this, I went to pick up my own! I had ordered two - one from Barcelona and one from Gran Canaria. They are beautiful, and the idea was the same as yours. They will be great souvenirs! It was superhard to choose though, go through thousands of photos... but I am very happy with the ones I got! And yours are great too! Felicidades, enjoy your new art :)