Thursday, January 10, 2013

And To Think...

I almost left my camera at home this morning.  Silly Angie.

In the hustle and bustle and knowingness of the busy day, I was going to leave it behind. I was going to leave my passion sitting on the kitchen counter. 

It was dark when I left the house.  And cold.  And (had potential to be) very gray.  Who wants to see photos of that?

Running around today...big meeting, important clients, running, running.  So very productive, but so very busy.

Finally, it's the end of the day.  And I walk out of the building to see the magnificence of the photos above.

And my heart was happy.

And my camera was poised.

And my passion was ignited.

Today has been an awesome day, made better only by seeing this sunset and having the option to capture it.  I could have done better, always room for improvement, but there is time for that.

Friends, what passion ignites your soul?  Do you make an effort to engage in that passion every day?

Have an awesome day and an incredible weekend!


Kayla C said...

Those shots are beautiful! I'm glad you had your camera to catch that sunset!

Jenn said...

SO GORGEOUS friend! Wow!