Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Post Brought to You By THAT Time of the Month

No, not that time of the month, you weirdos.  I don't write about that, I leave that topic for Jes and Alissa
Anyhoo, moving on.

Paying bills.  THAT time of the month.  The time when you think you have a bunch of money because you just got paid and then you realize that when you moved into your house, somehow EVERY BILL received the exact same due date and then with a few strokes of the keyboard, you checking account is empty.  Just.Like.That.

And then you cry.

And you shake your fists angrily at said keyboard for taking all of your money.


So, how do you change such fate, you might ask?

You find your passion.  And you turn it into a business. And you talk to people about your passion and your business. 

You believe in yourself.  You believe in your passion.  You acknowledge that your words are worth hearing.  And you speak to your hearts content. And you overcome your fears.  And you succeed in something that fills your heart completely...and maybe leaves a little cash in your pocket after the bills are paid.

here and here

Just thoughts friends...just thoughts.  :)

Find your passion and make it work for you!

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

I shake my fists angrily at my computer all the time when I pay bills.

New Life in Spain said...

What would your passion to live by be? I would love to know!

My-cliffnotes said...

What if my passion is food and I'm too selfish to be a cook lol