Sunday, December 9, 2012

That One Time I Set My Coat On Fire at the Bar

Hello my beautiful friends!  Welcome to a new week!  How were your weekends?

Mine was fabulous!

Friday I went with a friend to his football referee end of season party.  It was good food and presents of appreciation for the wives/girlfriends (of which I'm neither, but hey, a new clutch and some chocolates?  I'll play whatever roll you want me to play!).

Saturday morning (bright and way too stinking earlier), Jamie and I hit the road for Portland.  After sushi lunch and a score at H&M (MAN, I wish the Tri Cities would get an H&M...and Trader Joes...PLEASE!!!), we went to watch her brother's cheer competition.  It was awesome!  The stunts that they do...I had butterflies in my stomach watching those girls being thrown around.  And J's brother totally nailed his parts.  It was fabulous!

We joined up with my friends and went to Alexis for dinner.  Geek AMAZINGNESS!  It was so good and I ate so much!  After dinner, we went to Life of Riley and then Teardrop...and that's where the fun began.

There was a table full of us and I had tossed my coat up in the corner to make more room.  We all sat there and chatted, had a couple of drinks, enjoyed an hour or so at the lounge.  Suddenly I smelled something, and asked what "that" smell was.  It smelled like something was burning.  We all agreed it was gross and that we should leave.  I grabbed my coat and started to put it on when it burnt me...and then I realized the smell was really close.  I had tossed my coat on top of a light bulb that was conveniently placed on the shelf to light up some decor...and apparently it was really really hot and burnt a hole through my coat.  I'm fairly certain that we were about two minutes from having to call the fire department.

Yeah, that smell was me...or my stuff.  Sorry.  Gross.

Anyhoo...I guess I get a new coat out of the deal.  And Jamie and I had a wonderful time in Portland.  And we made it home in time for me to take photos of an amazing sunset.  You're welcome.

Side Note: Today would have been my ten year wedding anniversary.  On the drive home today, this Dave Matthews song came on, and I cried.  Kind of caught me by surprise.  But ya know, it happens.

So, tell me the story of your life?  What's new and exciting?

Have an awesome day and incredible week!


Heather Marie said...

wow sounds like a busy fun filled weekend! Hope you have an awesome week!

Nikki said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! Coat on fire story is pretty damn funny! Sounds totally like something I would do! Love you! xoxo

New Life in Spain said...

Oh my goodness, your coat was almost set on fire!! But I am happy to hear your weekend was great!
And then Dave took you by surprise, or well you know, did his thing with that magical voice of his. I can also sometimes start crying completely out of the blue, from hearing songs that remind me of something. And talking about music, my weekend was fantastic just because I went to a wonderful concert on Saturday, I will live on that for a long time :)

Jenn said...

OMG - your coat caught on fire?! That is all sorts of terrible and hilarious!

ps. 10 years would've been a biggie. Tears are completely understandable.

Chandra said...

Hey there sweet girl...I think the bar owes you a new coat! Wishing you an amazing week filled with happy tunes!

Lindsay said...

I love you, Ang!

My-cliffnotes said...

We have to meet next time you're here!

Goodbye old coat, hello new one