Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

This photo of my roof (from last year) makes me soooo cold!!

Dear Blog World Friends: I hope you all enjoy the caramel corn recipe from yesterday!  I still have a (large) bag of it on my counter...and there is still some at work too...that I might have started eating at approximately 8:15 this morning.  So sue me.
Dear Ugly Christmas Sweater Party:  I hope there's a prize, because I'm pretty sure we're going to win!  Matching sweater vests that will be adorned tomorrow evening with special Christmas goodness from Hobby Lobby?  Ummm, can you say WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER?!
Dear AdvoCare: I'm coming for you.  Yes, I thought I forgot, but I promise that I have not.  I was temporarily derailed...obviously not from product use, because the products flippin ROCK, but from my passion, and using my passion to help others.  BUT I'm coming for you, my dear friend. Proof?  Training from 7-9 p.m. on a Friday night.  Yeah, that should keep me out of trouble (temporarily).
Dear Possible Snow Showers Tonight: PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE?  I'm not a fan of snow, and I certainly do NOT like the cold or being cold, but come on!  Just a dusting of snow, please?  The very first time each year, you're so awesome and exciting.  It's when you stick around that I become unhappy.  So just a dusting, and then you can go away.  And maybe snow all weekend, but be melted by Monday morning?  OK, thanks!  :)
Dear Bogey: Man oh man...I am so sorry that you were sick.  Your momma is very sad to lose you.  You were her savior during a very rough time in her life.  I know how she feels...when I lost Gobi, my heart was broken.  I told Diesl tonight that you went to Doggy Heaven...he misses you very much.  Auntie Ang loves you Boges!

Friends, it's been a wild week in this crazy world.  Be safe this weekend.  Enjoy and live the spirit of the season.  Be kind.  Be thoughtful.  Love and be loved.

Have an awesome day!


New Life in Spain said...

Beautiful girl! I am commenting from 10 000 feet :) On my way to Norway as we "speak". Flight a bit rough, so glad to have internet for company! So, my Friday letter for you...:
Dear Angie, I hope you will have an amazing weekend. I am so glad to know you, you are such a wonderful sweet girl. Cuidate mucho and keep on smiling!

Apparently there's a big nasty snow storm going on in Norway when I arrive... I went to the beach in 29degrees C this morning. Will be quite the contrast! Oh well. 2,5 hours left...I'm bored! Hmmm.... Oh well, I'll stop harrassing you now ;) Big hug!

New Life in Spain said...

The internet in the air is not the most stable and strong connection and I couldnt access my email until now, after I posted this comment and there was an email from you waiting for me :) Actually sent at the same time I wrote the comment but it took forever to publish it! We are connected my friend! Thank you for sending that email just when you did so I got some more company up here! :):) xx

My-cliffnotes said...

Sorry about the pup so sad.

Pics of the sweater please.