Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Rattlesnake Mountain

My "cheat" while I was cleansing...the yummy sugary dressing was supposed to be on the side...

Currently obsessed with these trees and the way the sun sets behind them.

Dear Cleanse: Thank you for helping me be better to my body.  I appreciate you mucho!
Dear This Week: You, my friend, have been great!  So very productive at work, so very positive at work.  That whole positive attitude thing that I wrote about earlier in the week must have been super subliminal or something!
Dear Baby Boys That Are To Be Born In This Month of December: Auntie Ang is so excited to meet you!  Two baby boys, two beautiful women, two amazing families...I'm so excited for you all!!
Dear This Weekend: Another road trip to Portland, but this time, with the Jamie!!  YAHOO!  J, I'm excited that we get to watch your brother's competition this weekend (he's a cheerleader for University of Washington), and I'm super flippin' excited to show you my version of Portland! We are going to have soooooo much fun!!!
Dear New Camera: I am having so much fun getting to know you. And I've decided I'm going to take a class in the spring.  Not sure where or who from, but it's on the to do list.  Good times!
Dear This Weekend: Did I mention that I'm really really excited to go to PDX with Jamie?
Dear Diesl Boy: You've been a bit grumpy and mopey this week.  Time to shape up or ship out kiddo! OK, not really, but you're freaking me out.  You better not die or anything or I'll be super pissed at you.  I love you buddy!
Dear Hair Appointment: Soooo very excited to go see Abby. These roots need some color!
Dear Random Ramblings: Has anyone else taken note of this yet?  Yeah...random.  And rambling.
Dear Friends: Thank you for coming here day after day, week after week.  You are so stinking awesome and I really appreciate you!

Have an awesome day and amazing weekends friends!  Love you!



Jenn said...

Yah for a weekend in Portland! So, one of these times you come down we need to go out for drinks :) You know, after you're done cleansing!

Have a fun weekend friend!

Victoria said...

awesome letters! two new babies coming,how exciting!! being an Aunt is the best, and nehpwes are pretty darn amazing :)

happy weekend!