Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Lost...

Beautiful vivid green fields and dark gray clouds for our drive.

Yes, our seats are this close.  Row 7...

35 yard line.  Pretty freaking awesome!


Of course there were gnomes...


The guy that made it happen!  And that Uhaul?  Cheaper than renting an RV and had everything they needed!

The hype was astounding.

The excitement was sometimes overwhelming.

11-0 for the season.  Only one other team outranking us in the stupid system called BCS.

And then Stanford brought their game.  To our turf.  And in OT, they showed us that they had what it takes. 

Yes, there were some crappy referee calls.  You can always blame them.  But the fact is, we didn't deserve to win.  Our Offense played poorly.  Thank you Defense for doing your part.  The Trees (who has a tree for a mascot?!?!?!?) played well.  Good job kids.

Other than the devastation of this loss, the weekend was fab.  Diesl played all weekend with his cousin, Samantha...they wore each other out.

Two and a half work days this week, and favorite holiday!!!  YAHOOOO!!!!

I hope your weekends were amazing and your weeks leading up to the holiday are fast!  If you are traveling early this week, please be safe.  Love you friends!

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

No comment on the ducks ;).

But look how cute Diesl and Samantha are!! :)

bigT said...

Wear your colors proud!!! GO DUCKS!!!!! :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

You are so freaking adorable!

My-cliffnotes said...

Go Cougs!! ;)