Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's My Job

from me and her

As I wandered through Pinterest worked today, I came across this little gem...just the kick in the butt that I needed.

I am the only one (HEY!  That's my karaoke song!  Insert Melissa Etheridge here...).

I am the one that hauls my butt out of bed at 4:30 each morning to workout.

I am the one who decides how quickly I will reach my goals with AdvoCare.  

I am the one who decides how quickly the bills will be paid off. 

I am the one that will wake up one morning and realize that I have met all of these goals that I am currently setting for myself.  And I will take pride in the fact that I worked hard and stayed focused and SUCCEEDED when it was most important!

And I am the one who will enjoy every step of the journey!

 Friends, I know you all know this...you are the only one.  But I will walk beside you every step!  You've got this!!

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

You may be the only one who can reach YOUR goals but I will be right here cheering you on!


Nicole Marie said...

so so so true... it's up to us! our choices , our decisions

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

Everyone in blogland is all about choices and better decisions lately.. it's so nice. I however just blog about periods.

My-cliffnotes said...

We totally have this!!