Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Work Week, and Other Random Nothingnesses

I love these peoples!!

My new best friend...the camera, that is...

A day spent with great friends, ending in a fierce game of Jenga!

Because at IKEA, even the chairs have boots with the furrrrrrr...
I love long weekends.  And I really love long weekends spent with people I love.

Do you see that first set of photos?  That's the fam.  My seezder, my nephew and niece, grandma, my momma, step dad, brother and his gf.  These people...I freaking love them.

The second set of photos...hello NEW CAMERA!!  I swear, I haven't put the thing down since I took it out of the box (ps, I bought it in Portland and then drove home.  Longest three hours of my life!).  I LOVE this camera. I'm so excited to learn about shooting in manual and taking cool photos and stuff.  SO EXCITED!!!!

Do you love Jenga?  Seriously, so much fun!  Especially playing with people who haven't played.  Best reason to be acceptably loud!

And yes, boots with fur.  Seriously, I still can't get over this.  I love IKEA (ps, go to IKEA the night before Thanksgiving.  There was NO ONE there and it was fabulous!).

OH!  One last thing...MY OREGON DUCKS KILLED THE OREGON STATE BEAVERS in the Civil War on Saturday.  Not that there was any doubt (sorry Beaver friends!), but for real, good game!

OK, that's it.  Just a bunch of random.  I hope you all had happy and safe and wonderful weekends with your families and friends. 

Have an awesome day!


Jenn said...

You have a new camera!! Aren't they so much fun! Seriously, don't even put it on automatic -- just start playing in manual :).

And, I think my new kitchen would benefit from chair leg warmers, don't you??? ;)hath

Chandra said...

A new camera....sweet! I guess Santa came early! Thanks so much for the wedding wishes...maybe now I can catch up on my blog reads!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

OMG! Have you ever played Truth or Dare Jenga? We played it one year at Christmas and dared my Aunt Joy to flick her tooty and she did. I think the game ended there from hysterical laugher.