Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Oregon Ducks: You're playing Stanford tomorrow.  They're OK.  They managed to one up the Oregon State Beavers last weekend (why, Beavers, WHY?!). But guess what?  You BLEW AWAY the USC Trojans...on their turf.  Tomorrow's game?  Piece of pie/cake!
Dear Oregon Ducks: I forgot to mention...I WILL BE THERE WATCHING YOU IN PERSON!!!!  YEA ME!!!  Well, more so, yea my brother, Mark, for having season tickets and inviting me to go!  I'll take it!
Dear Tailgating: Yes, I'm excited for you too!  Two deep friers, Thanksgiving family dinner, "bring what you want to deep fry." Suggestions have been oreos, twinkies, other random cookies, and broccoli...???  Yeah, I'm sure it's amazing, it's deep fried! But Oreos and broccoli?  OK, I'll go with it!  I think I'll take mushrooms...YUM!
Dear Weather: If you could not be crappy for my drive tomorrow afternoon/evening, that would be fab.  I'm leaving work a bit later than I'd like, which means leaving home a bit later, which means driving in the dark...and I HATE driving in the dark.  But I've got this...totally got this...*gulp*
Dear Everything Else in Life Non-Duck Related (is there such a thing?!): It's been a rough week.  The weather has been super gray.  Work happenings have been super gray.  I've kind of wanted to quit it all. I've only worked out once this week (yes, I'm admitting this out loud...this is where you all need to kick my ass, although I will be running in the morning, PROMISE!).  I talked to my momma tonight...she encouraged me to let the gray I will.  Tomorrow morning, me, the treadmill, 40 miles (OK, maybe 4...if I'm lucky...better than sleeping in)...I'VE GOT THIS!!!!
Dear Weekend: Did I mention DUCKS v Stanford?  Just checking.
Dear Friends: I love you.  Thank you for coming to see me.  You all are the wind beneath my wings...for real.

Have an awesome day and an incredible weekend!



Nikki said...

It have only gotten one QUALITY workout in this week thanks to the hell hole known as work. Lets move to the land down under start out own tiki hut and live on the beach for the rest of our lives. YES IM IN!

My-cliffnotes said...

Drive safe!

If you really do 40 miles I promise to do 1, if not ill he forced to drink my dinner ala wine.


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Well, I screamed my head off for the Ducks and I am pretty sure that was one of the best games all season.