Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Hello friends!  Happy Sunday evening!  How were your weekends?

Mine was splendid.  Friday night, my friend Erich turned 40.  His beautiful wife put on a party for him and I attended.  He received that little University of Oregon gnome (that I of course couldn't help but make out with).  We danced ( as in, everyone who attended danced, not me and the gnome) and had a wonderful evening.  I am so very blessed to have such amazing friends!

I had some friends in town from Portland this weekend.  Saturday evening, we went to a rodeo that another friend was putting on.  I don't have a good photo to share, but I went all cowgirl and stuff...and I'm so NOT a cowgirl.  But it was fun!  I really admire bull riders.  The amount of courage it takes to get on a two ton (maybe more than two tons?!) animal and ride it around an arena that is enclosed by metal many accidents waiting to happen (you guessed it, I am NOT an adrenaline junkie).  Thankfully no one was hurt and we all had a great time.

Today, I relaxed...and it was awesome.  And my Oregon Ducks moved up to #2 in the BCS poll (finally).  It's been a great day!

I hope you all have super amazing weeks.  Thanksgiving is almost here!  YEA!!!

Have an awesome day!

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Nikki said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I wanna go to a Rodeo! Miss your face!