Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey Zit, What's Up?

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So I have this horrible monstrosity on my face, left temple to be exact. It was just kind of a red mark.  And I was being soooo good and leaving it alone.  But this morning, while in the shower (you know, when your pores are wide open from the steam), I took charge.  I showed that zit who was boss.

And now I have a tumor growing out of my temple.

And to make matters even more attractive, I had my eyebrows waxed last night.  And when I have that done, I get swollen and SUPER RED.  There's just no hiding it.

My face kind of looks like a chemical peel gone wrong.  Just sayin.

P.S.  Do not EVER Google zit cartoons.  I saw one somewhere earlier this week that I wanted to use, so I was searching for it again.  Google comes up with some disgusting shyte.  I'm hurling at my desk as I type.

In other news, it's Friday!!  YAHOO!  Has this been the longest week ever or is it just me?  I'm so happy that it's Friday.  Eight more hours to freedom...and no real plans!  That's what happens when you're cleansing and not allowed to drink or eat fries and fry sauce.  Dang cleanse!  Oh well.  Moving on.

Friends, I hope you have amazing and wonderfully fantastic weekends!  What does everyone have going on?  Let me live vicariously through you...PLEASE!!

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Social Styles and the Like

Randomness...because it's my new camera and I can't help it.
So a while ago I complained about my then-boss scheduling a team building/communications workshop that no one was looking forward to (weird that we need help with communication, right?!), and then it was cancelled.  YAHOO!

And then it was rescheduled.


Again, no one was looking forward to this meeting.  All week, team members have been complaining, moping, whining, and in general being negative about the whole included.  We were all certain that no one would talk, no one would be positive, no one would provide constructive information.

But we were wrong.  All of us.

Have you ever read about Social Styles?

via.  Sorry for the blur
This quad chart is one way of deciphering how people react to others and their surrounding.  My company is HUGE on Social Styles.  Typically, learning about these communication styles is a two day workshop.  We crammed it into 4 hours.  None the less, it was useful information.

In the full workshop, your Style is determined by five OTHER people choosing words out of lists that best describe you.  Today, we did a self assessment of the same sort.

I had five different people ask me why I wasn't in the Expressive group.  I was in the Ambiable group, with a close second in Analytical.  Surprised, aren't you?  I am a little, but this is how I perceive myself...getting along with others 99%, but I do tend to shut down a bit when I get overwhelmed.  I'm very curious to know how others perceive me, since people thought I belonged in the Expressive group.  But either way, Amiable for sure...that's my strong one.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share because this is what's on my mind tonight.  I am hopeful that tomorrow, we will be able to start with a clean slate and let go of the baggage that has weighed us down for so long.  A strong, nice-to-each-other (you don't need to be friends, but you do need to be friendly!) working group is much easier to accept day in and day out.  And let's face it, we spend the majority of our lives with the people we work with.  Isn't it nice to all just get along?

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's My Job

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As I wandered through Pinterest worked today, I came across this little gem...just the kick in the butt that I needed.

I am the only one (HEY!  That's my karaoke song!  Insert Melissa Etheridge here...).

I am the one that hauls my butt out of bed at 4:30 each morning to workout.

I am the one who decides how quickly I will reach my goals with AdvoCare.  

I am the one who decides how quickly the bills will be paid off. 

I am the one that will wake up one morning and realize that I have met all of these goals that I am currently setting for myself.  And I will take pride in the fact that I worked hard and stayed focused and SUCCEEDED when it was most important!

And I am the one who will enjoy every step of the journey!

 Friends, I know you all know are the only one.  But I will walk beside you every step!  You've got this!!

Have an awesome day!

It's That Time Again...

I'm cleansing again.  And I've convinced a few new friends (not new friends, but first timers to the Cleanse) to join me!

People look at me like I'm crazy: why in the world would I choose to Cleanse during the holidays?  All of the candy and treats and parties...seems like a set up for failure! 

But I'm taking a different approach. 

By beginning the AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse right after Thanksgiving, I'm ensuring that I stay on track this holiday season.  I'm giving my body a 10 day break from sugar, alcohol, bread...all of the stuff that it certainly doesn't need, and that make me feel sluggish and gross.  My body deserves better, and although I LOVE all of the goodies that come around the office during the holidays, I refuse to add another five lbs. to this frame!

Friends, how are you staying on track this holiday season?  Will you be indulging over the holidays, or being good to your body?

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Work Week, and Other Random Nothingnesses

I love these peoples!!

My new best friend...the camera, that is...

A day spent with great friends, ending in a fierce game of Jenga!

Because at IKEA, even the chairs have boots with the furrrrrrr...
I love long weekends.  And I really love long weekends spent with people I love.

Do you see that first set of photos?  That's the fam.  My seezder, my nephew and niece, grandma, my momma, step dad, brother and his gf.  These people...I freaking love them.

The second set of photos...hello NEW CAMERA!!  I swear, I haven't put the thing down since I took it out of the box (ps, I bought it in Portland and then drove home.  Longest three hours of my life!).  I LOVE this camera. I'm so excited to learn about shooting in manual and taking cool photos and stuff.  SO EXCITED!!!!

Do you love Jenga?  Seriously, so much fun!  Especially playing with people who haven't played.  Best reason to be acceptably loud!

And yes, boots with fur.  Seriously, I still can't get over this.  I love IKEA (ps, go to IKEA the night before Thanksgiving.  There was NO ONE there and it was fabulous!).

OH!  One last thing...MY OREGON DUCKS KILLED THE OREGON STATE BEAVERS in the Civil War on Saturday.  Not that there was any doubt (sorry Beaver friends!), but for real, good game!

OK, that's it.  Just a bunch of random.  I hope you all had happy and safe and wonderful weekends with your families and friends. 

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Giving of Thanks

I know, right?  Clearly chairs at IKEA need boots with the furrrrr...

As I sit here at my momma's house enjoying a glass of wine and a piece of German chocolate cake, I am thankful and my heart is full.  

I am thankful that I live close enough to my family that I am able to spend my favorite holiday with them.

I am thankful that my mom reads my blog.

I am thankful for the safe, uneventful drive I had to Portland this afternoon.

I am thankful that even though they won't be eating with us, my sister and her family will be here for a bit tomorrow and that I get to see and hug and kiss my niece and nephew.

I am thankful for my family where I live.  I am so very fortunate to have amassed a group of friends that I can't even begin to describe.  But I promise you, I am one lucky girl to have this group of people in my life!

I am thankful for IKEA and boots with fur...because seriously, who isn't?!

I am thankful for you, blogland friends.  Thank you for coming to see me each and every day, I am humbled and honored by your kind and loving words.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Found...somewhere...that I can no longer find.



(of a person, action, or idea) Showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.  (per Google)

Are you bold?  Are you putting your fears aside and taking risks that will move your life in the direction you are looking toward? 

Quite frankly, as of late, I have not.  I have been afraid.  I have a couple of goals right now, none that I'm ready to publish, but they are goals...big ones.  Life changing ones (like I need more life changes?!).  But they are Bold.  And they will be amazing. 

Problem is, I'm afraid.  I'm afraid of reaching my goals.  I'm afraid of NOT reaching my goals.  I'm afraid of the unforeseen obstacles along the way.  Yep, I'm a chicken. 

But I'm working on this.  Because I am bigger than my fears.  And I choose to live a BOLD life.  I will be successful.  I will reach my goals.  And I will do it quickly because who knows when my chances will be up?


Friends, be BOLD in your thoughts, in your goals, in your life.  Make it your very best!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Be Thankful

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
- Confucius

Whatever your plans are during this busy Thanksgiving week, I hope that you will give all of your heart.  It is the start of the holiday season.
It's a busy time.
Some of us will miss loved ones.
Some of us will spend too much time with loved ones.
I hope that whatever your situation may include, that you will be thankful for where you are. There are many people far less fortunate who would give anything to spend the holidays even with the most annoying members of the family.

Friends, be thankful.  This is the life we have been given, and we are living it every day.  Give it your entire heart.

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Lost...

Beautiful vivid green fields and dark gray clouds for our drive.

Yes, our seats are this close.  Row 7...

35 yard line.  Pretty freaking awesome!


Of course there were gnomes...


The guy that made it happen!  And that Uhaul?  Cheaper than renting an RV and had everything they needed!

The hype was astounding.

The excitement was sometimes overwhelming.

11-0 for the season.  Only one other team outranking us in the stupid system called BCS.

And then Stanford brought their game.  To our turf.  And in OT, they showed us that they had what it takes. 

Yes, there were some crappy referee calls.  You can always blame them.  But the fact is, we didn't deserve to win.  Our Offense played poorly.  Thank you Defense for doing your part.  The Trees (who has a tree for a mascot?!?!?!?) played well.  Good job kids.

Other than the devastation of this loss, the weekend was fab.  Diesl played all weekend with his cousin, Samantha...they wore each other out.

Two and a half work days this week, and favorite holiday!!!  YAHOOOO!!!!

I hope your weekends were amazing and your weeks leading up to the holiday are fast!  If you are traveling early this week, please be safe.  Love you friends!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Oregon Ducks: You're playing Stanford tomorrow.  They're OK.  They managed to one up the Oregon State Beavers last weekend (why, Beavers, WHY?!). But guess what?  You BLEW AWAY the USC Trojans...on their turf.  Tomorrow's game?  Piece of pie/cake!
Dear Oregon Ducks: I forgot to mention...I WILL BE THERE WATCHING YOU IN PERSON!!!!  YEA ME!!!  Well, more so, yea my brother, Mark, for having season tickets and inviting me to go!  I'll take it!
Dear Tailgating: Yes, I'm excited for you too!  Two deep friers, Thanksgiving family dinner, "bring what you want to deep fry." Suggestions have been oreos, twinkies, other random cookies, and broccoli...???  Yeah, I'm sure it's amazing, it's deep fried! But Oreos and broccoli?  OK, I'll go with it!  I think I'll take mushrooms...YUM!
Dear Weather: If you could not be crappy for my drive tomorrow afternoon/evening, that would be fab.  I'm leaving work a bit later than I'd like, which means leaving home a bit later, which means driving in the dark...and I HATE driving in the dark.  But I've got this...totally got this...*gulp*
Dear Everything Else in Life Non-Duck Related (is there such a thing?!): It's been a rough week.  The weather has been super gray.  Work happenings have been super gray.  I've kind of wanted to quit it all. I've only worked out once this week (yes, I'm admitting this out loud...this is where you all need to kick my ass, although I will be running in the morning, PROMISE!).  I talked to my momma tonight...she encouraged me to let the gray I will.  Tomorrow morning, me, the treadmill, 40 miles (OK, maybe 4...if I'm lucky...better than sleeping in)...I'VE GOT THIS!!!!
Dear Weekend: Did I mention DUCKS v Stanford?  Just checking.
Dear Friends: I love you.  Thank you for coming to see me.  You all are the wind beneath my wings...for real.

Have an awesome day and an incredible weekend!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Do this first (well, the first sign, but pay close attention to the second);

from me and her

And follow that by this:

from this and that

By doing those, you WILL realize and understand that

me and her, again

At which point, you will want to:

So, what are you waiting for?  Start your challenge NOW!

Have an awesome day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Leeeetttt the Sunshine In....

Today was one of those days.  Not that I didn't feel kind, but the weather had me pretty much in tears...a couple of times.  Grey, COLD, dreary...yuck.

And then I had a conversation with my friend, K.  Actually, it was a response to an email that she had written me.  Her question was regarding meeting friends in a new area.  Specifically when I was in Spain, how did I meet people?  As she pointed out, I'm a bit of an extrovert (and she doesn't even know me IRL!  LOVE HER!). But just because I'm extroverted doesn't mean that it's always easy to meet people. 

Today was a prime example of that.  I'm fairly certain that people who don't know me that saw me today should have asked what the hell my problem was.  Grumpy frowny pants head...that was me! 

However, the advice I gave my friend...always smile.  Smile at everyone you pass and make an effort to say hello.  You never know when that smile or hello will change another person's day.  Maybe that smile or hello was the only one he or she will get today.  So let it be YOUR sunshine that brightens the day!  As I told K, the smallest gesture can turn into the most unexpected of friendships!

Have you given away a smile today?

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Hello friends!  Happy Sunday evening!  How were your weekends?

Mine was splendid.  Friday night, my friend Erich turned 40.  His beautiful wife put on a party for him and I attended.  He received that little University of Oregon gnome (that I of course couldn't help but make out with).  We danced ( as in, everyone who attended danced, not me and the gnome) and had a wonderful evening.  I am so very blessed to have such amazing friends!

I had some friends in town from Portland this weekend.  Saturday evening, we went to a rodeo that another friend was putting on.  I don't have a good photo to share, but I went all cowgirl and stuff...and I'm so NOT a cowgirl.  But it was fun!  I really admire bull riders.  The amount of courage it takes to get on a two ton (maybe more than two tons?!) animal and ride it around an arena that is enclosed by metal many accidents waiting to happen (you guessed it, I am NOT an adrenaline junkie).  Thankfully no one was hurt and we all had a great time.

Today, I relaxed...and it was awesome.  And my Oregon Ducks moved up to #2 in the BCS poll (finally).  It's been a great day!

I hope you all have super amazing weeks.  Thanksgiving is almost here!  YEA!!!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funniness

For your Friday.

You're welcome.

Have an awesome day and weekend friends!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Do You Do?

When there are no words?
When your mind is full and empty at the same time?
When you didn't write yesterday, so you really should today, but your heart isn't into it?
When you ate too much sushi and really wish that you were a purger?
When you had a massage after work, but were stressed out and couldn't fully enjoy it?

What do you do?

Just questions for thought.

Have an awesome day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

My One and Only Post

In my great state of Washington (and in my way superior former state of Oregon), voting occurs by mail-in ballot.  So very convenient...unless you wait until the night before it's due and realize that the people who write the ballot measure books are illiterate and couldn't write themselves out of a crayon box.  I don't know if that sentence makes sense, but you get the point.  They're crappy writers and I want that job if it pays more than what I currently make.


I voted.

Did you?

Have an awesome day!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Strength, Courage, Bravery and The Like

I love grain silos...

I've mentioned before that I'm the sunshine giver. People count on me to help lift them up, fill them up when they are down. And doing this give me great joy. I am happy to help people, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. It's what I do and what I love

I had the opportunity to meet with my Advocare leader this weekend. D is a woman I had never met in person but admire very much. She has a kind soul and is very uplifting...always. We were talking about strength...and the fact that I think I left mine in Spain. Through a few tears, I realized that I am giving to people as I normally do, and still loving doing that, but I'm not being refilled.  And it's starting to wear on me. Before Spain, I was so very strong, knew exactly who, what, where, how and when. No questions. And I had everything to give everyone.

Today, I'm tired. Part of it is physical exhaustion...I can't get enough sleep, no many how many hours I'm in bed. But more so, my heart and soul are depleted. I joke that I left them in Spain, but in all actuality, I think I may have done just that. And I'm struggling with that right now.

So the questions I'm currently asking myself:
- what is the new thing (because current stuff apparently isn't working) that I need to refill my strength?
-what do I need to do to accomplish this new goal, or reach this new level of strength?
-what is the timeframe? How much longer am I going to allow myself to wallow in this pit? Because I've been here for a month and a half...time to get back on dry land.

So yeah...just thoughts I'm having on this Sunday evening. It's been a great weekend, I've had great conversations with wonderful friends, and enjoyed every second of every day this weekend. But there's still something missing. And I'm now on a mission to find it.

Soon, Courage, Bravery and Strength will again fill my soul.

Have an awesome day!