Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Fall Blows...Literally, and Other Ramblings

Let me paint you a picture: a beautiful October afternoon.  The sky is a vivid blue, clean and crisp.  Not a single cloud to be seen.  A slight breeze cools the 82 degree air to a lovely 78.  It's the first day in two weeks that the air is not filled with smoke from nearby wildfires.  I'm sitting on the patio, enjoying a glass of wine, taking it all in, believing that this will be the last evening to do so. 

I walk inside to pour another glass of wine get ready for dinner with a girlfriend.  I can hear the breeze turn into a wind that contains intermittent window-rattlers.  Fifteen minutes later, I look outside to find my beautiful blue sky gone.  Vanished.  Overtaken by a dust storm.  In that short of time, the Tri Cities can turn into a disgusting dust bowl. 

And that is why fall blows, literally.  The winds around these parts can be pretty fierce.  And this specific wind cooled the Earth a was 20 degrees colder today than yesterday.  And the dirt haze that hung in the air this morning is just gross and causes me to have allergies, which I don't have.  I do not have allergies...until the wind blows dirty around.  Awesome.

Moving on.

Growing up, fall was always my favorite season.  In Portland, the leaves change into these magic colors that don't seem to exist in reality. 

And then I moved to the east side of the state, where there are no trees, and therefore, no beautiful leaves to change colors.  OK, there are a few trees around, but not like Portland.  And winter on the east side is so very cold.  I strongly dislike being cold. 

The summers here in the Tri Cities are awesome, and make me so very happy.  Winter, not so much.  I already feel like I'm in hybernation mode.  I made minestrone soup tonight...

And more importantly, today is my Seezder's birthday!

I'm kinda missing this kid...
 This weekend, we're having a WolfPack meeting at my house, and I'm making chili for the girls.  And it's apple season, so I think I might make applesauce too.  Benefits of fall/stupid cold weather...the desire to cook.  I've been missing that desire.  But enjoying the sun.  Toss up?

Have an awesome day!


Nikki said...

I love that the weather is getting cooler not cold but cooler. I am not a big fan of the winter but fall I am okay with. I also tend to cook more this time of year!

My-cliffnotes said...

Happy birthday sister!

That soup looks delish

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

I miss my leaf changing days. I however don't have to deal with snow so it's worth it.. ish.

I feel an insane need to eat that soup, all i've done is eat today.