Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cuando El Cuerpo Se Va, el Amor Permanece

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There was a girl.  Her infectious smile brightened every room that she walked into.  Her kind and generous spirit filled the air before her physicial body arrived in the space.  Her love for her family and friends overflowed her being.

This girl, Taylor, the one with the beautiful smile and deep kindness and overflowing love, I miss her.  I never had the opportunity to know her, but I miss her.  At the young age of 11, she was taken from her family and friends.  She died as a result of a car accident.

That was three years ago today.

Taylor, I so wish I could have known you.  Your mom and I have talked about you often.  And last night, she shared a video of you that Zak had made.  You were a beautiful girl...I could feel your amazing awesomeness coming through the screen. 

We all miss you so very much.  But we know that you're watching over us all.  Keep it up're doing great work!  LOVE YOU!



My-cliffnotes said...

This is soo sweet!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This is beautiful. Your heart is infections. Love you!