Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bu-Bye 36

My momma says I'm an angel, hence my name.  Are  YOU going to question her?

At the gym tonight, as I entered my age into the stair climber/elliptical machine thingy, I made note, "last time as 36."

And as I walked outside after my workout, I entered a beautiful evening.  The afternoon was warm, with no breeze.  The air that surrounded me was quiet, or at least I didn't hear a sound.  I felt the warmth surround my body and thought, "last time as 36."

I started thinking about what that number has meant, and what the next one will mean.  In the last 365 days, I have:

- had my heart broken three times by two different people;
- divorced the man I had planned to spend forever with;
- cried more tears than I care to mention;
- drank more alcohol than I care to mention;
- watched a couple of "friends" choose the exit door, leaving my life;
- yelled, screamed, spoke out of anger and hurt, and cried even harder.

I have also:

- spent more time with my family (even if a lot of it is by phone since we live in different states!); 
- become a much healthier, stronger version of myself;
- started a new business that is allowing me to fulfill my Purpose of helping others;
- kindled new friendships and made stronger the existing ones;
- traveled alone (for the first time) to Europe (for the first time), and had THE experience of my lifetime (so far...);
- taken time to reacquaint me with myself;
- realized, accepted and now BELIEVE that I am worth so much more than I've ever given myself credit for;
- learned to appreciate the smallest of gestures, even when they may seem inconsequential;
- had incredible adventures with my incredible friends.

There was a lot of heartache this past year.  But there were incredible moments as well.  These moments are leading me on a journey that is still so young, one that I am so excited to experience!  Guaranteed, it'll still be a roller coaster, this here life.  And even though in the back of my mind, 37 is causing me a pinch of anxiety, I'm ready to take it on, every ounce of it, and see where this new year takes me.  Bring it world...I'm so ready for you!

Have an awesome day!


New Life in Spain said...

Ah! Very, VERY inspiring! :) Seems you have learned a lot last year, and it sounds like you are on a good path. I guess a feliz compleaños is in order too! Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful new year!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This is a post of rebirth and confidence! This is a post others and myself should look to for strength. This is the beautiful 37 year old Angie. A hero! Love you and have a spectacular day!

My-cliffnotes said...

Wait you are in no way 37 years old your pics look seriously 27ish

Ps I love this post and think the world of you!!

Happy birthday gorgeous!

Chandra said...

Happy Birthday girl! As far as I'm concerned, you are not a day over 25!...You've learned and grown alot and I'm wishing you an upcoming year filled with more happiness than heartache...more fun times than sad ones...and to leaving the past behind and embracing what's to come.

Patty said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope your next year continues on with the inspiration and triumphs you have had this year. It sounds as though you have had a challenging year, I think it's beautiful and inspiring that you have such a great attitude and infectious spirit!

Gina Gao said...

Happy birthday! I really enjoyed reading this post mainly because it shows how you moved on with life and made yourself stronger. Always know that you are valued, and whoever leaves you is giving up the opportunity to know a great person.


lospring said...

I love you! Grow strong. Remember God. This life will soon be over but there is still ETERNITY.

Marion Green said...

So I literally teared up reading this Ang. I feel so far away from you and wish I was there this past year to maybe help you the same way you helped me. I'll never forget what a good friend you were to me when I was at my lowest. Know that I'll never choose the exit door when it comes to you (I probably couldn't even find it if I tried LOL!)
I love you beautiful girl! These next few years are just going to be awesome for you...I know it!!


Jenn said...

FRIEND! I'm just catching up on blog reading and I LOVE this post. You've had quite a year, and I'm so excited for how you've set up year 37 and the rest of your life this year. I am wishing you a year of much less heart breaking and much more happiness and success :)