Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my second favorite holiday, not because of the adult dressing up and partying part of it, but because I LOVE to hand out candy and see all the little kiddos and their costumes!  And they're sweet little voices saying "trick or treat," or at least attempting to.  And the parents standing on the sidewalk with their "coffee" mugs, trying to stay warm, hoping that their munchkins will soon have enough candy so that they can go back to their homes and warm up. 

I bought a giant Costco sized bag of candy this year.  And I'm on a strict "NO CANDY" diet due to the candy bag three office doors down from mine that has promptly put 5 extra lbs. onto my body.  Wish me luck!

AND Halloween is the only night I will watch a scary movie.  My little tradition: Halloween (the original with Jamie Lee Curtis).  I've watched it for the last 15 years straight and still watch it while peaking through my hand-covered face.  Stupid scary movies!

What are you all doing for Halloween?  Do you hand out candy?  Take your little ones trick or treating?  Turn off all of the lights and pretend you're not home?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

from Pinterest 
Do you ever feel that way?  Feel that it is necessary to be ridiculous?

Do you believe that laughter is the best medicine?

Do you believe that skipping down a street, arm in arm with your best friends, singing at the top of your lungs, is the best way to solidify a relationship?

Life has been busy lately.  Lke, super busy.  And I think I need to take some time out and just be ridiculous.

Be silly.

Laugh.  A lot.

Tell stupid jokes.

Laugh at with friends.

Enjoy the smallest things in life.

Who's with me?  Make me laugh, CLOWN!!

Have an awesome day!

P.S.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!!  Please make note that "LET'S" is ALWAYS spelled with an apostrophe.  If I wasn't lazy and didn't have this post written, I would not be using the words above.  "Let's" is a contraction for "let us."  That is the only way to spell it.  Stepping off English soap box. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Replay

Disney Princesses

End of season

A Halloween Party of Awesome 2.0: Success!

Impromptu AdvoCare meeting, coupled with wine tasting: Success!

Complete exhaustion and fighting going to bed at 7:45 p.m. on a Sunday night; FACT!

I hope all of your weekends were equally as successful!  Make this a great week!

Have an awesome day!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: I am soooooo happy that you're here!  This has been a crazy, chaotic, insane, stressful, busy (did I say crazy) sort of work week.  But today, the visitors are gone.  The meetings are over.  We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Thank you for coming to see us!  Dear Halloween Party of Awesome 2.0: I can't believe you're here already!  Where has the time gone?   Anyhoo, this one is going to be way better than last year, and we're all so very excited!  Disney Princesses are going to ROCK Sunshine Palace!  Dear Great Harvest Bread Company: I am so very excited for you to open in my area!  I have fond memories of you...when we worked at State Parks, Jenn and I would frequently visit you, partaking in your delicious fresh baked samplings of bread, eating a million marionberry scones.  Mmmmm!!!  7 a.m. tomorrow, you will be mine once again!  Dear Sunday: I'm already looking forward to you.  Rumor has it that I'll have my house all to myself.  What a (freaking) treat!  After clean up, the couch and football on the tv will be all that the day will hold.  I.Cannot.Wait.  Dear Friends: Have I told you today that I love you?  Because I do.  A lot.  And I appreciate you too...boat loads full!  Annnnnd...I believe in YOU!

Have awesome days and amazing weekends friends! 


Thursday, October 25, 2012


From Pinterest and here.

This week, I've been in a funk...a fog.

Blame it on the weather change.

Blame it on horomones.

Blame it on a crazy week at work.

But by the end of the day, I just want to go home, make a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (which I have thus far refrained from doing...lame), put on my pjs and watch some Bravo, maybe take a nap, and not be bothered.


I have continued running in the mornings, even though it's FREEZING here (don't worry, I run inside. duh).  And my bed is so warm.  And the Diesl boy REALLY would like it if I'd stay in bed with him.

So I run.

And so my mind and funk clear.

And I can deal with this crazy-ass work week (just need to make it through today...)

Tell me friends...has the change in weather bogged down your sunshiny-ness?  What are you doing to fix it?

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You and Your Health

Good morning friends!  Sorry I've been a bit hit and miss this week.  I'm getting back on schedule though RIGHT NOW!

I wanted to talk to you about your health.  You all know that I'm a huge fan of working out, and I typically eat well.  These are things I do to take care of my body, mind and soul.  But when I'm feeling under the weather physically, I make sure to take care of myself.

I have a new workout partner.  She started training with me last week and it's been great.  I enjoy working out by myself because I like to get in and get out, but it's nice to have someone to chat with as well.  My new partner is really sick right now (UTI issues), but she decided to workout this morning...because she missed Monday and Tuesday.  She was in serious pain, but refused to go home, and stayed after I left because she wanted to get a bit more in before she went to work.

Friends, I'm all for working out to get yourself out of a funky mood and clear your mind.  But with cold and flu season upon us, and a whole array of other "any time of the year" illnesses, it is important that you take time out to take care of yourself.  Give you body a break or you won't fully recover.  An illness is your body's way of saying, "hey, I need a break," not "hey, you're not working out hard enough."  Listen to your body, do what it says.  It knows what it needs.

In my partner's case, I understand where she's coming from because I've been there.  She has lost a significant amount of weight and doesn't want to go backwards.  I totally get it.  But forcing herself to stay on the treadmill for 20 minutes when it hurts to walk isn't a healthy choice.

So there you soap boxing again.  All I ask is that  you listen to your body and allow it to rest and recover when it tells you that it needs to mend.  Be nice to your body and it will love you back!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mi Familia

This weekend filled my heart and soul.

Today was family lunch.  My momma made yellow cake with chocolate frosting for me. My niece and nephew are getting so stinking big...and smart...and more adorable.  And spending time with my momma and seezder and was perfect!

Saturday's AdvoCare event was amazing.  It was exactly what I needed to refocus and help prepare for my next steps.  AdvoCare is a vehicle that is going to allow me to do great things and to help so many people...kind of gives me chills to think about it!

The rest of the time was spent with the extended family...the people that I spent the last 12 years of my life.  My best friends and other friends that I don't see nearly enough.  These people have played an important role in my life for many years, and when things change, it's sometimes difficult to accept that separation.  But this weekend, I saw them, every last one of them.  And we spent quality time.  And we danced.  And we chatted.  And we reminisced.  And it was perfect.

Friends, I hope your weekends were amazing.  And I hope your week totally rocks!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday: Do you know how very excited I am that the "team building" meeting (aka: locked in a hotel conference room for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS on a Friday) was cancelled?  Nothing brings a team together faster than bitching about going to this kind of event, and then celebrating when it's been cancelled.
Dear Weekend: Due to cancellation of above mention stupid meeting, you, my dear friend, will begin four hours early.  FOUR HOURS!  WOOHOO!
Dear PDX: I'm coming for you!  Are you excited?
Dear Celebratory Birthday Dinner:  Toro Bravo, I am soooo excited to get you in my belly.  Closest thing to Spanish food that I'll get until I go back. I will take you and I will enjoy you thoroughly!
Dear Advocare Ladies Alive: I'm excited for you on Saturday!  Girl time will be most excellent.  Getting back on the Advocare train fully...even better! 
Dear Unexpected Invite to the Wedding: I'm excited!  I'm excited to see everyone and hug everyone and'll be good.
Dear Shopping in PDX: I.Am.Excited!  Birthday month = all sorts of money off certificates mailed to me.  And I get to go to the place that actually has the stores to shop at.  WOOHOO!
Dear Birthday Month Sunday Lunch with the Fam: My heart will smile lots and my soul will be complete.  This will be the best part of the weekend!

Overall, a jam packed weekend that I'm super excited about!   
What do you all have going on?

Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Rambling Journey


Lately, I've been lost in thought.  I seem to analyze everything these days.  Not in a bad way necessarily, but just really listening and hearing words, seeing actions, paying attention.  And I'm doing this not to judge others (at least not usually), but so that I'm paying attention to what I'm letting into my life. 

I've always felt that my intuition was broken.  Why couldn't I have foreseen this or that happening?  Why didn't I know from the start that a certain situation was so very wrong for me?  I always assumed it was because I was broken.  What I'm starting to realize is that it's all been a part of the journey.  (I know, duh).  Every situation, good or bad, creates me.  And in one form or another, each situation makes me stronger.  It's really quite amazing, if you think about it.

Today, a friend told me that he's happy about some of the choices I've made because I smile more now (smiling is my favorite!).  Another friend asked a couple of questions about something that brought a HUGE smile to my face. 

Bottom line, I'm on my way to finding me.  And I like me.  All of the hurt, all of the pain, all of the happiness, all of the experiences, I am thankful for.  Because overall, it's just making me a better me!

Friends, how is your life journey coming along?  Are you happy with what you see in the mirror each morning?  

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Do you ever go back and reread?  A good book, a note from a loved one, an email from a friend, a blog post that meant everything at the exact moment you clicked "Publish?"

Occasionally I'll stalk my own Blogger stats and see what everyone's been reading. Today I ran across this one.  It's a goody.

Revisiting the past can be good and bad.  I think it depends on where you are in your life.  If you're happy, strong, feeling like you've got everything under control, then it can be pretty awesome and inspiring to look back and see how far you've come.  If you're in a low spot though, sometimes the words can drag you back to that moment in time, and then the pain is relived.

I am happy and proud and THANKFUL that reading the above post only gives me more strength, knowing that I'm headed in the right direction, experiencing what I need to experience, enjoying what I need to enjoy, living the way I need to live.  And all of this, it makes my heart so very happy.

Do you reread what you write?  Do you do it as part of the routine, or at random points in time?

Friends, thank you for being here with me.  I appreciate you very much!

Have an awesome day!

You Choose

From Pinterest and here.

Because you're worth it.

Because it's who you are.

Because your light will lead others.

Because the more you shine, the more the darkness will fade.

Because you are amazing, and I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

One of My Favorite Things

This weekend was exhausting.  I feel that I should have napped more, but I was productive instead.  Friday night was Fun With Friends Night.  Yet another birthday to celebrate.  I love October!!

Saturday was ubber productive.  I had a great run, fertilized the lawn in preparation for winter (BOO!), pulled out a dead tree (yeah, I'm cool like that), and cleaned the house a bit.  No nap...that was unfortunate, but it was still a great day!

Today, Sunday, I hiked Badger, and pretty sure I had a great time, but my dumb little iPod doesn't have a normal ol' timer on it, so who knows.  And of my favorite things...shooting!  I own a 9 mm handgun.  A friend wanted to go shooting, so we did.  So.Much.FUN!  Four boxes of shells later, my arms are exhausted  We were at a firing range using targets.  I'm used to shooting in the middle of the woods at bottles or can, so the targets were a new experience, and honestly, I prefer the other method. At least if I hit a can, I KNOW that I hit it because it moves.  Yes, the targets had lots of holes, but I'm not sure which holes belonged to whom.  Either way, it was so totally worth it!

And then pizza.  And then a much needed nap.  It's been a good day, and a great weekend.  I hope your days have been amazing too!

Have an awesome day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday's Letters

My most adorable nephew and niece, Corbin and Hadley. Borrowed from their Gram's fb page.

Dear Corbs and Hadley Flynn: I get to see you next weekend!  I'm so excited to hug you and squeeze you and love you.  Authie Ang is missing you so very much!!  Dear Birthday Week: You have been so very spectacular!  I'm one lucky chica to have an incredible family and such amazing friends.  Dear Weekend: Girls' night Friday night, not sure what Saturday will hold since the Oregon Ducks have a bye week, and Sunday, maybe some gun shooting and wine tasting?  Oh, and yard work.  And dog bathing. Chores Schmores.  Dear Self: Reading that last post, saying good bye to're pretty flippin' amazing.  You've been through a lot this past year, and done a lot in that same time frame.  I hope you're proud of yourself, because you really should be.  The next time someone tells you that you're brave, don't look at the person like he or she is crazy.  Take that badge and own it.  You are brave, and strong, and intelligent and resilient and amazing.  And you kind of really rock!  Dear Peeps Out in Blog Reading Land: Do you all realize how amazing you are?  I read you (almost) every day, and I am amazed at your sense of adventure, your kindness, your humor, your strength.  I admire each and every one of you for so many different reason, and I appreciate each and every word that you write.  Thank you for coming into my life!

I hope you all have incredible weekends.  Take each hour and live it to its!

Have an awesome weekend!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bu-Bye 36

My momma says I'm an angel, hence my name.  Are  YOU going to question her?

At the gym tonight, as I entered my age into the stair climber/elliptical machine thingy, I made note, "last time as 36."

And as I walked outside after my workout, I entered a beautiful evening.  The afternoon was warm, with no breeze.  The air that surrounded me was quiet, or at least I didn't hear a sound.  I felt the warmth surround my body and thought, "last time as 36."

I started thinking about what that number has meant, and what the next one will mean.  In the last 365 days, I have:

- had my heart broken three times by two different people;
- divorced the man I had planned to spend forever with;
- cried more tears than I care to mention;
- drank more alcohol than I care to mention;
- watched a couple of "friends" choose the exit door, leaving my life;
- yelled, screamed, spoke out of anger and hurt, and cried even harder.

I have also:

- spent more time with my family (even if a lot of it is by phone since we live in different states!); 
- become a much healthier, stronger version of myself;
- started a new business that is allowing me to fulfill my Purpose of helping others;
- kindled new friendships and made stronger the existing ones;
- traveled alone (for the first time) to Europe (for the first time), and had THE experience of my lifetime (so far...);
- taken time to reacquaint me with myself;
- realized, accepted and now BELIEVE that I am worth so much more than I've ever given myself credit for;
- learned to appreciate the smallest of gestures, even when they may seem inconsequential;
- had incredible adventures with my incredible friends.

There was a lot of heartache this past year.  But there were incredible moments as well.  These moments are leading me on a journey that is still so young, one that I am so excited to experience!  Guaranteed, it'll still be a roller coaster, this here life.  And even though in the back of my mind, 37 is causing me a pinch of anxiety, I'm ready to take it on, every ounce of it, and see where this new year takes me.  Bring it world...I'm so ready for you!

Have an awesome day!

Today Is the Day

Good morning, my beautiful friends!

Today, live life to its fullest.  Smile often and laugh even more.

Let your brightness shine through to everyone you encounter.

Be the very best you that you can be!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cuando El Cuerpo Se Va, el Amor Permanece

Via Pinterest
There was a girl.  Her infectious smile brightened every room that she walked into.  Her kind and generous spirit filled the air before her physicial body arrived in the space.  Her love for her family and friends overflowed her being.

This girl, Taylor, the one with the beautiful smile and deep kindness and overflowing love, I miss her.  I never had the opportunity to know her, but I miss her.  At the young age of 11, she was taken from her family and friends.  She died as a result of a car accident.

That was three years ago today.

Taylor, I so wish I could have known you.  Your mom and I have talked about you often.  And last night, she shared a video of you that Zak had made.  You were a beautiful girl...I could feel your amazing awesomeness coming through the screen. 

We all miss you so very much.  But we know that you're watching over us all.  Keep it up're doing great work!  LOVE YOU!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday's Letters: Reasons to Love October (aka: Enough Complaining About Fall, Because It's Here, Like It Or Not)

The Gorge, Oregon, taken by my iPhone.

Dear October: You are fall's saving grace.  Even though you turned cold quite quickly this year, and typically after October 10, the water starts falling from the sky and doesn't stop until June (at least in Portland), you're still a pretty good friend.

Dear October: You are birthday month!  My sister, me, the husband of ex, mom's husband, and roughly a dozen friends.  For real.  All the cool kids were born in October.  Duh.

Dear October: I get to eat yellow cake with chocolate frosting this month!  Yes, the kind out of a box and a plastic container...the best!  WOOHOO!

Dear October: Halloween is good times.  I really enjoy handing out candy to the little Winnie the Poohs and Disney princesses.  They're so stinking cute.  And my neighborhood has a warming station complete with donuts (yes, more sugar), hot cider and coffee.  Pretty cool stuff.

Dear October: Being that you're birthday month, I've received a crapload of "this percent off" and "this free" from great retailers that I frequent.  HOORAY FOR BIRTHDAY SHOPPING!! 

Dear October: It's the start of the new fiscal year at work.  Not being tight on money (at work!) is a pretty nice feeling.  Paychecks are good.

Dear April: (Just seeing if you're paying attention)  HALF BIRTHDAY MONTH!

Dear Friends:  I love you.  I've been in a funk for the last couple of weeks, but I feel myself pulling out of it.  I have a purpose.  I am focused.  I've so totally got this!  Wanna come along?

Have an awesome day and an incredible weekend!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Fall Blows...Literally, and Other Ramblings

Let me paint you a picture: a beautiful October afternoon.  The sky is a vivid blue, clean and crisp.  Not a single cloud to be seen.  A slight breeze cools the 82 degree air to a lovely 78.  It's the first day in two weeks that the air is not filled with smoke from nearby wildfires.  I'm sitting on the patio, enjoying a glass of wine, taking it all in, believing that this will be the last evening to do so. 

I walk inside to pour another glass of wine get ready for dinner with a girlfriend.  I can hear the breeze turn into a wind that contains intermittent window-rattlers.  Fifteen minutes later, I look outside to find my beautiful blue sky gone.  Vanished.  Overtaken by a dust storm.  In that short of time, the Tri Cities can turn into a disgusting dust bowl. 

And that is why fall blows, literally.  The winds around these parts can be pretty fierce.  And this specific wind cooled the Earth a was 20 degrees colder today than yesterday.  And the dirt haze that hung in the air this morning is just gross and causes me to have allergies, which I don't have.  I do not have allergies...until the wind blows dirty around.  Awesome.

Moving on.

Growing up, fall was always my favorite season.  In Portland, the leaves change into these magic colors that don't seem to exist in reality. 

And then I moved to the east side of the state, where there are no trees, and therefore, no beautiful leaves to change colors.  OK, there are a few trees around, but not like Portland.  And winter on the east side is so very cold.  I strongly dislike being cold. 

The summers here in the Tri Cities are awesome, and make me so very happy.  Winter, not so much.  I already feel like I'm in hybernation mode.  I made minestrone soup tonight...

And more importantly, today is my Seezder's birthday!

I'm kinda missing this kid...
 This weekend, we're having a WolfPack meeting at my house, and I'm making chili for the girls.  And it's apple season, so I think I might make applesauce too.  Benefits of fall/stupid cold weather...the desire to cook.  I've been missing that desire.  But enjoying the sun.  Toss up?

Have an awesome day!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ode To a Fur Bastard

Oh my dearest Monkey, you are a (big, 12 lb) little bastard.  Literally.  No one knows who your mommy or daddy really are.  But I digress.

Do your real momma a favor and stop hurting yourself, okily dokily?  You coming home with a gash on your neck does not make for a fun Sunday.  I am thankful that you weren't bleeding profusely and that your stupidity accident didn't cost me a trip to the emergency vet.  And I am thankful that today, at the regular vet, you cost me less than $100.

HOWEVER, you are making me insane.  I promise you, dear Monkey, that I would LOVE to let you outside.  You scratching at my screen door to go out, or incessant crying to get your point across are just as annoying as you're trying to make them.  I'm sorry that you don't want to use your litter box, but guess what?  You get to.  You're NOT GOING OUTSIDE for another couple of days. 

So stop crying.

And stop scratching at the screen door.

And stop attacking my feet when I walk by just because you're pissed that the vet shaved your neck ( got shaved!).

The Monk...right before he attacked Diesl...

And start being smart when you're outside.  No more fighting (if that's what this hole in your neck is from).  And no more catching your body parts on fences or other sharp objects (if that is what this is from).

Think Smart Be Smart, cat. 

That is all.

Have an awesome day!