Sunday, September 30, 2012

San Sebastian and Reflections

San Sebastian...the place that cleansed and renewed my heart and soul.

While I was away, I wrote a post about San Sebastian.  That was the perfect way to end my journey.  I took that last evening to examine the relationships that were currently in my life, and make choices about relationships that I felt no longer deserved to be a part of my life.  And the ones that were allowed to stay, I made decisions on how those relations would look.  And so it was said and done, and has remained the same since I've been home.  And I'm so very confident in these decisions, and enjoying happiness every day because of those decisions.

In addition to being a cleanser, San Sebastian had the BEST food of my entire trip.  Seriously, so flipping amazing!  I had a baked goat cheese topped with caramelized something that I can't remember now, that was to die for!

And my friend, Petra from Munich, had a veal cheek something that was so very tender and delicioso!  Unfortunately my picture of that treat makes it look less than appetizing.

Other items of yum...

Like I said, YUM!

For a complete download of my journey to Spain, head on over to Flickr.  I could post a million photos here, because that's how many I have, but I'll refrain.

Thank you friends, for following my journey.  This experience has for sure changed my life...for the better!  My heart is healed, my head is clear, my convictions are strong.  I will continue to move in a forward motion and with purpose in every step!

Have an awesome day!

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Nicole Marie said...

i'm going there in a few weeks! any recommendations for food and places to say??!