Sunday, August 26, 2012

Your Feet

You'd think I was blogging about anatomy class with these last two titles, huh? Not so much.

I found it here.

I've gone through some life changes as of late. I've made some changes personally that have been extremely beneficial to me.  And I have been forced to make some changes that I didn't really want to make, or was blindsided with and didn't ever believe that I'd have to make.

Some of those changes have cut me so very deeply...but I am very thankful for every single one. These changes...they've taught me.  They've molded me.  They've reshaped me into a person who is so very capable of standing on her own two feet.  

I'm not the strongest person.  I give in sometimes.  If my mind isn't 110% made up, I'll often cave.  But I promise you this...on the things that I've made that final decision on, the times that I've had that "no turning back" moment, NOTHING can change my mind.  

Some call it stubborn.  Some call it selfish. I call it protecting me and standing up for what is right and what I need...because I am worth it...ALWAYS.

Friends, the blunt question...when it comes down to it, are you capable of standing on your own two feet?  Practice makes perfect, and there is still time. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Have an awesome day!


bigT said...

I can't say it enough so I will say it again...I love you, friend! I am so very PROUD of you, I BELIEVE in you, I miss you and I will be here for you ALWAYS! Fact.

You are an incredibly strong woman and I am so blessed to have you in my life! You encourage me, inspire me and support me. We've been friends through a lot and there are many, many more years to come!!

Love you!

Nikki said...

I believe in you my friend! Love your face! xoxoxo

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The best think in life I learned to say was No! And although sometimes harsh it's has saved me a lot of heartache.

My-cliffnotes said...

I believe in you. You totally deserve the world!!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

Angie, this was great to read. and yes, i can say that i firmly can stand on my own 2 feet...that is, with God Almighty holding me up.

the path I've taken in life has taught me that, and has shaped and molded me too. the deep cuts have healed and I've found my way.

I loved reading this about you. :)